Secret Love.

Layla is your typical teen. Except her parents died in 2008 in a car accident. Ever since then she has been living with her neighbor/best friend Louis Tomlinson. When Louis invites 4 friends named Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Niall over for a school project, they get a special love for Layla. Louis however doesn't want anyone messing with her heart since her last break up. All 4 still want her. Bad. Will Layla and Louis find out their love for her? Will she love them? Read to find out more!


2. Dinner

Liam POV

Layla. Beautiful. The only word. She made my day light up. How she walked and talked. I loved it. Anyway when I walked in the room I heard her singing to herself. "Hey Layla!" I said loudly. That was a mistake. She slipped. Oh damn. "AH!" She said. She fell backwards. Thank god I caught her. She could have hurt her head on the floor. When i caught her, I felt my heart skip a beat. I only knew her for 15 minutes and I was already holding her on my chest. Wow. "Im so sorry Liam!!!" She said fast. "Its okay Layla! Good thing I caught you!" I said. "Yeah." She said fixing her hair. "Do you maybe want to go watch a movie?" I asked. My speaking was way off. Maybe want to? What was I saying? "Hahaha sure Liam! Race ya?" She said getting her feet ready. "Yeah!" Then she spoke,"Ready.Set.GO!" We ran. Boy was she fast. Her shoes looked like they were about to come off. And they did. And Layla fell again. This time I didn't catch her. Someone else did. 

Harry POV

I was about to go to the kitchen for a drink when I spotted the most gorgeous Layla running. She was probably going so fast. I looked at her. Then her shoe came off. Right by me. I panicked. I caught her. Damn was that moment magical. It was her head on my chest. She was out of breath. Damn. That was like a dream. A dirty dream. Oh crap snap out of it Hazza! You met her 15 minutes ago! "Oops!" I told her. She was out of breath laughing. She was really pretty when she laughed. "Sorry Harry!" She said still giggling. Dang that was a major turn on. She looked into my eyes and turned away. Then the doorbell rang. Shit. It had to ruin our moment. "ILL GET IT!" She screamed. We just laughed. "Pizza!" the guy behind the door yelled. "Thanks here! Keep the change!" She said handing a guy a 50$ bill. She ran in and threw the pizza on the table in the living room. "Dinners here Lou!!!" She yelled. 

Louis POV

Dinner? What did she do? SHIT! The boys were here!! I have to look like I wasn't sleeping. They probably already know though. So why bother. I ran downstairs and kissed Layla on the cheek like everyday. It wasn't like she was my girlfriend. I have been doing that everyday since I was 12. For some awkward reason the boys just stared at me. Evil looks. Creepy. And she just spoke "Oh stop Louis your making me blush!" I laughed and so did she. All of us just sat and ate some pizza. 

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