Secret Love.

Layla is your typical teen. Except her parents died in 2008 in a car accident. Ever since then she has been living with her neighbor/best friend Louis Tomlinson. When Louis invites 4 friends named Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Niall over for a school project, they get a special love for Layla. Louis however doesn't want anyone messing with her heart since her last break up. All 4 still want her. Bad. Will Layla and Louis find out their love for her? Will she love them? Read to find out more!


1. Living with Louis

Layla POV

Louis. Louis. Louis. I love him to death but Im serious. That boy can be funny! Random things about "Kevin and Carrots.". He is a funny boy! Anyway in 2008 my parents died. Yep. In a car accident. I was torn. I loved them way to much. But, because I was an only child I had to love with someone else. And I chose my neighbor Louis. Anyway, he told me he is having some friends over today. Wonder how they look like. Probably some geeks from school. They are coming over in 1 hour. I guess I have to get ready. I jump in the shower and get dressed. Once Im done I notice the time. 4:00. Crap. They are going to be here any second now. And I have to answer the door like always. And then I hear a knock. And Im kinda ready to see some geeks. When 4 really cute guys walk in. "Um hi! Im Layla" I say happily. "Hi Layla! This is Liam Zayn and Harry" A blonde boy says while pointing from left to right. "And Im Niall!" He says again. "Hey" Harry speaks. His voice. It was so deep. I loved in instantly like I loves Nialls accent,Liams body,and Zayns hair. They were 4 perfect boys. "Anyway come in!" I cheer to them. They come in and sit on the couch. "So Layla you live here with Louis?" Liam speaks. "Um yeah since like 2008" I say. "Why where are your parents?" Zayn says. I didn't want to tell them but I knew I had to. "Um they kinda got in a car accident and died." I spoke softly. Right after I said that Niall hugged me. "Im sorry Layla." he spoke in my ear. "Im so sorry Layla I didn't know and.." Zayn said before I cut him off. "Its okay Zayn!" I said. "Lets order something while we wait for Louis yeah?" I said. The boys nodded and I picked up my phone and ordered a pizza.

Niall POV

She was gorgeous! She was amazing! Layla. Even her name. I feel so sad about what happened to her parents. Stupid Zayn. Why did he have to say that?!?!  Now she is probably going to hate us. Anyway, Im so happy she ordered a pizza!! Im really hungry. Oh shit she's done. Should I talk to her? Yes. Im going to make my move. "So hey Layla" I say excitedly. "Hey Niall!" she says. Damn her voice. Too cute. "So how long have you knew Louis?" I asked. "Since we were about 4 or 5. " Damn that was a long time! "So how old are you?" "Im 18!" She spoke. I couldn't stop looking at her eyes. They were the most beautiful blue. Like the ocean. "Um hey there Niall?!" She said while waving her hand in my face. Crap. I was staring. "So what time is the pizza going to be here?" I asked. "About 1 hour. I ordered a lot!" She laughed. I laughed along with her. Her laugh. Then I heard Liam calling me. Shit. I have to leave. "Lemme go see what he wants real fast!" "Okay its fine she said." I walked out and I seen Liam walk by Layla. 

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