My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


38. You Can Move In...

I sat there with Zayn for hours while he cried about Perrie. I tried to calm him down, but nothing worked. I heard someone open a door and walk down the hall. It's Lily. "What's going on?" She asked as she walked in the living room sitting on the couch. "Uh hold on a minute Zayn" I said as I walked over to Lily and whispered "Perrie broke up with Zayn so he's upset and has to find somewhere else to live". Zayn heard me and he started crying even more. I don't know why Perrie would break up with him, he loves her so much. "Ohh" Lily said as she nodded. I walked back over to Zayn and tried to calm him down, once again. Lily got up and came over to Zayn. What's she doing?? -Lily's P.O.V- Zayn is really upset and I hate to see him cry, well actually this is the first time I've seen Zayn cry. "I'm sorry Zayn, just remember me and the lads will be here for you" I said as I hugged him tightly. Like I said before, he is like a big brother to me. "L-Lily I can't go back h-home Perrie kicked m-me out" He said sobbing into my hair. "You can stay here, you and Harry can share his room" I said to him. He looked at me and smiled a little out of relief. "Here's a tissue" I said handing him another one. He wiped his eyes and nose and went over to the couch with Niall. They watched the telly and it got Zayn's mind off of everything. I yawned and sat down between them. I heard Louis, Liam, and Harry walking down the hall. "Hiiiiii!" Harry said cheerfully and they all sat down. I saw Niall's phone light up and he quickly jumped up off the couch and went outside to answer it. I sat there kinda confused. I didn't really think anything of it. I rested my arms on my baby bump and watched the telly with the lads.
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