My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


36. Sweet Payback!

Niall was a little mad and so were the boys. Niall helped me wipe the water off of me. "I'll be back" I said as I got up and picked up my water. The waitress was at the counter giggling and staring at the boys with 2 other girls. I walked over to her and she tried to ignore me. "Excuse me? Waitress?" I said in a sassy tone. "What?" She said as she slammed her hand down on the counter. "Oh I just wanted to say your a great waitress. And by the way here's your tip: Don't act bitchy to me and not expect me to do anything about it!" I said as I splashed the cold water all over her. "YOU LITTLE BITCH" She yelled as she ran into the kitchen to get the water off. "Have a nice day" I said to the other girls. I smirked, flipped my hair and strutted back to our table. "That felt amazing!" I said as the boys were laughing. Everyone saw what I did. "I can't believe you actually did that!" Niall said as he put his arm around me. "You know I'm crazy, but that's why you love me" I said as I smiled and kissed him gently. We finished our meal and we got a new waitress who was quite nicer than the other one. She's been hiding in the back. We got done and Harry paid then we walked out. We got in the car and I snuggled up to Niall. I'm tired now. I always get tired after I eat. I don't know why. "When we get home I'm going to take a long nap" I said as I looked at Niall. He was yawning so he must be tired too. "Yeah I think I will too" Niall said after he yawned. We got home and Niall helped me out of the car again. I unlocked the door and walked in. I threw the keys in the little basket on the counter. I closed the curtains. I don't want anyone stalking us while we sleep. Believe me, girls have came here and stalked us before. "I'm off to bed now" I said as I hugged the boys. I always hug them before I go to bed. They are like my brothers. "Sleep well Lily, you too Niall" I heard the boys say as me and Niall walked down the hall and into our room. I shut and locked the door behind us. I closed the curtains in our room and put mine and Niall's phones on the charger. We crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.
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