My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


40. Second Thoughts

-Harry's P.O.V- I know EXACTLY what's going on... Niall misses that Krystal girl and Lily is suspicious. If he goes to see Krystal I'm telling Lily. -Lily's P.O.V- I trust Niall but then again he might be having second thoughts. I love him with all my heart and I would die if I didn't have him. If some hoe messes up our relationship I'll mess her face up. If Niall makes an excuse not to go to the ultrasound appointment tomorrow I'll know something's up. We all sat there and watched some comedy show. I would catch Harry glancing over at Niall and giving him a disappointed kind of look. Maybe he know's what's going on. Zayn is okay now but he still cries a little bit. I layed my head on Niall's chest and I listened to his heartbeat. I really do hope he doesn't do anything stupid. He keeps rubbing my arm and kissing my head. Maybe he is going to see another girl and he knows it's wrong... I don't want him to give me a reason to not trust him because he knows I won't stay with a cheater. -Niall's P.O.V- Mother of God this is confusing!! I love Lily but yet I feel like I miss Krystal. I think Lily would leave me if she thought I was cheating on her, but she can never stay mad at me. I sat there with Lily in my arms and I am trying to figure out whether or not if I should see Krystal. Lily's ultrasound is tomorrow and I really wanna know the gender of our baby but Lily could just tell me. Why is this so damned hard?!? I just miss Krystal, I remember how sweet her kisses tasted... God, help me... Harry keeps looking at me and giving me disappointed looks. WHY WHY WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?!?! I need to get a wee kick in the ass to straighten me up. I'll decide tomorrow if I'm going to stay with Lily or go see Krystal...
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