My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


26. I Believe You

Me and Niall talked about what happened for about an hour. Harry was in there with us the whole time, so everytime I yelled at Niall he would calm me down. It's getting late, and we have to move everything out in the morning. It's just me, Harry, and Niall. Louis and Liam went to a hotel near the new flat so they can meet us there in the morning. And Zayn is at Perrie's. "I'm going to bed, and thanks Harry for helping us. And Niall, I forgive you" I say as I get up and look at Niall. "Okay Lily, I love you" He says as he gets up and holds my hand. Harry went upstairs to sleep in Ryan's room. Me and Niall go to my bedroom and shut the door. I get in bed and get comfortable. Niall gets in too and he holds me just like he does every night. He always puts his hand on my tummy. I guess I forgive him. I mean, Emily did it, not him. Right?? I'm going to call Emily tomorrow and give her a good piece of my mind... I never curse, but I'm sure I will tomorrow... She started acting weird after Niall came downstairs that day. She's a bitch, just like Harry said. I start drifting off to sleep. But Niall thinks I'm already asleep. I hear him say to himself "I hate that girl. She almost ruined mine and Lily's relationship. I won't let anyone tear us apart" He says trying to be quiet. I totally trust him now! He is a great boyfriend. And nobody's perfect. But if I ever see Emily again, she'll regret what she did... Harry said that after I ran out she laughed and walked out of the room and tried to flirt with him! How much of a hussy can a girl be?! Geez! Well, I need to get to sleep. It's really late and I need rest. I'll be busy tomorrow. I finally fall asleep in Niall's arms. |Sorry this was a sucky chapter! I was really tired. Comment and give me feedback! Like and Fav!<3|
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