My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


11. Having Fun With Water Balloons!

I get the water balloons and go fill them up in the kitchen sink. "Zayn, can you come help me love?" I yell from the kitchen. "Sure, I'm coming Lily" I hear Zayn say. He walks into the kitchen and helps me. "So, are you happy with Niall?" Zayn asks. "Yes! Very happy!" I say to him. "I'm glad for you two!" He says as he fills a couple balloons up. Zayn is really sweet. Him and Louis are like big brothers to me. Since Ryan isn't a good 'Brother' I consider the other lads brothers to me. Well, except for Niall. That would be weird... Me and Zayn get all the balloons filled. I count them and there's 50 balloons exactly. "I think we've got enough" Zayn says while putting them in a box. I pick up the box. It's heavy. "Let me get that Lily" He says as he takes the box for me. "Thanks love" I say as we both walk back into the den. "Ready everyone?" I ask while smiling at Niall. "YEAHH!" Louis yells. I cover my ears. "I COULD HEAR BEFORE YOU YELLED. THANKS LOUIS!" I yell back at him. Everyone laughs. Niall takes off his shirt and he's in his jeans now. Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry all do the same as Niall and they take off they're shirts. "Come on!" I say as I rush outside and wait for the boys. I see them coming outside. Zayn sits the box down and hands everyone a balloon. "Ready?" I ask them. "1..2..3!" I yell. We all start throwing the balloons. All of us are grabbing balloons and throwing them randomly. It's really fun! Niall starts chasing me and I laugh as I throw a balloon at him. "You're in for it Lily!" Niall says as he catches me. He laughs and turns me around to face him. He kisses me passionately. The rest of the lads are still throwing balloons at each other. Niall pulls away gently and smiles. "What was that for?" I ask as I hold a balloon behind my back, trying to distract Niall. "No reason. Wait.. You're up to something!" He says as he tries to look behind my back. I laugh and run from him. I stop and turn around and throw the balloon at him, I miss and it hits Harry. Me and Niall start laughing. "Hey!" Harry yells as he throws a balloon at me. It hits me but it doesn't bust. "Ha!" I say as I walk over to the boys. "We're out" Liam says. "I had alot of fun!" Niall says. Everyone is soaked! But We had fun! That's all that matters.
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