My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


34. Going Out

I was in a really deep sleep and I was comfortable. Niall kissed my forehead and I woke up. "Hey dear" I said as I smiled and opened up my eyes. I yawned. Niall sat up and reached for his shirt which was at the bottom of the bed. "What time is it?" I asked as I put my hair up in a messy bun and got out of bed. "Um it's 8:20 a.m I think" Niall said as he got out of bed and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. "I'm hungry babe, are you?" I asked. "Yeah" Niall said to me as we walked into the den. "GOOD MORNING LILY AND NIALL!" The boys yelled as we sat on the big fluffy couch. "Hey, do you guys wanna go get some breakfast?" I asked them all as I put my hand on my tummy. "Yeah! That'd be great!" Harry said. "Ok, let me go put on some clothes" I said as I gave Niall a little peck on the cheek and got up. I went to our room and I got my favourite t-shirt, it's light blue with '1D' on it. Niall got it for me. I slipped that on and got my jeans. I put on my black converse. I took my hair down and combed it a couple times then I brushed my teeth. I walked back into the den. "I'm ready when you boys are!" I said cheerfully. I'm in a good mood today! I feel really hyper! But hey, it's better than me being mad or sad! The boys got up and I grabbed my phone off the counter along with the house keys. We walked out and Niall held my hand. Harry is driving. I locked the door and CAREFULLY walked down the steps, because last time I slipped and fell on my bum. And I don't need to be falling while I'm pregnant. Oh! That reminds me! I need to set up a docter appointment thing so I can get an ultrasound done... We got in the car and I layed my head on Niall's shoulder. He put his arm around me and the other one on my tummy. Harry turned on the radio. "Do YOU like One Direction? Would YOU and a friend of your choice like to MEET them backstage?? One lucky girl and a friend of her choice will get to hang out with the boys for a day! During their tour this will take place!" The radio guy announced. "Wait what?! We are doing that?!" Harry said in a confused and irritated tone. "Looks like you boys are going to have fun with 2 girls!" I said and laughed a little. They just rolled their eyes. I hope the girls aren't going to be some crazed, stalker, fan girls...
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