My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


23. Emily!

Niall falls asleep. Of course. I'm hungry, so I'm going to go get something. I get up slowly so I don't wake Niall. I tiptoe over to the door and open it quietly and shut quietly. I walk downstairs and I trip over a small box at the bottom. Lou catches me and laughs "Ya know, you fall too much" He says as he walks with me to the kitchen. I laugh at myself too. I've been craving carrots, so me and Louis both have been eating TONS of carrots. It scares me how much the baby is already like Louis... I get a few carrots and go sit down on the small couch. We got a new one, but it's small. We're waiting to get a bigger one until we move. I get my IPhone and I decide to text my friend, Emily. We haven't talked since we graduated. The text says "Hey love! Was wondering if you would call me? Have alot to tell you! :) x" She should text me or call me back. She's really pretty. She's got dark blue eyes, long blonde, wavy hair. She's short. And she's the sweetest person I know, well except for Niall and the boys. I get finished eating my carrots and I get up and as I start to look and make sure everything's packed, Harry comes running from nowhere and tackles me. "Ow!" I yell as I fall on my bum. "Oh! Sorry Lily!" Harry says as he helps me up. "It's not my fault for falling that time!" I say as I laugh. Harry laughs and hugs me, then goes back upstairs. My phone starts ringing. I look at it and it's Emily! I answer. *Phone Call* E=Emily L=Lily. E:Hello! L:Hi Emily E:How's it going? L:Well, it's a long story to tell. Can you come over? E: Yeah! In about an hour! L:Sounds good! See you then! *End Of Call* Awesome! Emily is coming over! I'm so excited!
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