My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story

This is about a girl she's 18 and her brother is friends with One Direction. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Hope you like it.


10. A Great Day

We continue our game of truth or dare. "Niall, truth or dare?" Zayn asks him. "Truth!" He says. "Do you love Lily?" He asks Niall. This is about to get interesting... "Yeah, I do. Very much" He says as he kisses my cheek. "Awwww!" All the boys' say and me and Niall laugh lightly. "Can I get up now babe?" I ask. "Yeah" He says while frowning. "I'm sorry" I say as I sit beside him and lay my head on his shoulder. "This is getting boring. We need to have some fun!" Lou says as he gets up and walks to the kitchen and gets a carrot. Yes, I love carrots too.. But not as much as Louis though... "Well, what else can we do?" I ask Louis as he comes back and plops down on the couch with a carrot shoved into his mouth. "We could go outside and have fun with some water balloons" He says as he nibbles on another carrot. "That's a great idea! I've got alot of water balloons in my room!" I say as I stand up and pull Niall up with me by his hand. "Oh Lily, where's your aunt Elisa?" Liam asks me in a kind of confused tone. "Oh! She always goes and stays with her friend Nancy. She stays there for month's at a time" I say as I start to walk upstairs with Niall. "Oh.." I hear Liam say. Me and Niall walk into my room and I go and open up a box that's sitting on my dresser. "Here Niall, get these" I say as I hand him 2 handfuls of water balloons. "Oi Lily" He says as he drops a couple of them. I laugh and get 2 handfuls myself and we walk downstairs. I put the water balloons on the table in the den. "I'll be back!" I say as I go back upstairs. I go into my room and get my lime green bikini. I change into it and put my hair in a messy bun. I go back downstairs and all the boys are staring at me. "What?" I ask them all. "You look h-" Niall cuts Harry off and says "Don't say it!" and gives him a 'Watch It' look. I laugh. This should be fun!
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