the new guy

Amanda is a normal 15 year old girl, but when her little brothers baby sitter comes to her house she falls for him and you can just imagine what happens next.


2. hooking up

He said that he had to make my brother some dinner then he said that he would give me some dessert. he also winked at me with a grin on his face. i told him that I was going up to my room and that he is  more then welcome to come up later to talk. after awhile he came up to my room. i said very sexually, “so…wheres the dessert you promised me?” He bit his lip and said with a wink “right here…” and he slowly began to unbuckle his belt. He slid his pants down to his ankles. i literally died inside when i saw  him in only his boxer-briefs. He sexily walked over to me and told me to close my eyes. I listened and closed them tight. He picked me up and twirled me around. Then, he set me down in my bed and climbed in after me. I opened my eyes to find the lights off and the covers of my bed completely covering our bodies. He grabbed my shorts and tucked his hand into the back gripping my butt. “Mmm.” i licked my lips and he unbuttoned my shorts reaching in his hand. He slowly slid them down my legs and finally pulled them off. There i was, laying with my brother’s babysitter in bed with only our underwear on. He reached up my shirt letting his hands walk across my chest and up to my bra. He unclipped my bra and squeezed hard. I wanted a piece of him so i whispered into his ear “This is only the beginning…” I ripped of his shirt and licked from his belly-button to his neck. His abbs were hard: just the way i like them. I leaped on to his chest and rocked back and forth. i could tell he wanted more extreme so i stuck my hands down his boxers and squeezed harder than i ever have in my life. I took the boxers all the way off so he was bare naked. I smiled with pleasure at the sight of his naked self. “your turn.” he said removing my shirt. Now all that was left was my laced thong. i whispered in his ear “take it off already.” and with that he ripped of my thong. “Don’t worry, i have condoms.” he told me as he slid one on. “perfect.” I grinned. Now we were both naked lying in my bed. He jumped on me and began to thrust. “Hard! Harder! Ohhh! Ugghhh!” I screamed. We were both dripping with sweat. I turned him over and now i was on top of him. I pulled him in for a kiss. I dragged my hands through his hair while he licked my mouth clean with his tounge. I bit his lip softly and we french kissed for what felt like hours and days. I was in bed making out with Josh Hucherson: the hot movie star! And everything was perfect until i heard Dylan knock on the door and ask “When’s dessert?”

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