In a Masquerade party A young man and a girl on her last year in High school met and fell in love. Some restraints has gotten in his head that blocks his chances with the girl. If it does work out no one knows who either of one is.
This is like a modern style of Romeo and Juliet except no one dies in this story.


2. In Love

     Once I got home, the painting Lavender gave me was hung on my living room. I stood back and smiled, admiring the beautiful scene of a field in sunset. The lights were a range of yellow to pink. The hills farther were silhouetted. 

     "Malcolm?" My twin sister Maria called down from the kitchen

     "Yah it's me!" I shouted still looking over the angelic scenery. 

     "Hey are -" She stopped in her tracks as a grin tugged in the corner of her mouth. She gave me a look and spoke "Does someone have an admirer?" I rolled my eyes and sat down turning the TV on to cartoons. "Ugh you are a 21 year old guy watching cartoons! And the masquerade ball is going on in half an hour! You should be in your best for your little admirer!" She snatched the remote and pointed up the stairs a sinister smile on her face.

     "Lavender is one of my students, she gave me that painting for my birthday" I explained dragging myself to my room. I stripped off my clothes and took a quick shower. A pair of black slacks, a navy button up shirt and a raven blazer was layed on my bed. I covered my self with the clothes and combed my hair. I walked downstairs in my black polished shoes.

     "You look so adorable!" My sister pinched my cheeks leaving them blushed. She makes me feel like a little kid all the time, though she is a only a few minutes older. She handed me a Corsage with purple and navy flowers on it. "for the lucky girl you are dancing with" She whispered as the door closed. I walked to my car and waved at her, I wonder who this luck girl is.


     I arrived at the school, the gymnasium was completely decorated with fancy flowers and varieties of balloons and paper ornaments hung on the ceiling. The surroundings were almost like a modern style of a masquerade ball. I placed my mask on, a dark blue with sequence and a feather sticking above my left eye.

     Food was settled on a long table, smaller tables with skirts scattered outside a huge area for what I'm guessing is where we would dance. The music was fast and up-beat making me dance with the teens, I turned my head and saw an enchanting girl.

     Her dress knee high, it was a shade of indigo and had a navy belt across her belly. An artificial blue iris was on her chest and her brunette locks in a bun with a braided crown. Her mask around her eyes and covered half her nose, the mask is tied to a ribbon to blend in with her hair. Without thinking my feet lead me to her while I grasped the corsage. 

     "Hello" She turned her head from her friends and showed me her pearly whites. I smiled back as I showed her my corsage. "Will you?" I asked hoping for a yes.

     "I would be delighted" She curtsied and wore the corsage. I escorted her to the dance floor as Ed Sheeran's 'Kiss Me' came on. I took her tiny hand and danced to the melody, our bodies swayed in sync as if we planned our moves. I made eye contact and saw mismatched eyes, the same mismatched eyes that gave me the painting earlier today. Before I could stop myself I whispered in her ear.

     "Lavender?" She nodded and asked for my name. "I'm Malcolm" She gave me a smile as we kept dancing. Our eyes kept making contact and in every second we got closer to each other. Soon we were close enough to feel each others breath, I stared at her lips for a while and in a moment it touched my cheeks. Her lips was warm and tingled my cheeks after it parted. When the song ended she introduced me to her friends, Alice and Neville who are some of my students as well. Soon the couple excused themselves which left Lavender and I to know each other. Before the clock stroke ten she said good bye.

     "Actually would you like a ride?" She smiled and nodded. My phone in my pocket rang. I groaned and picked it up.

     "Hey Malcolm?!"


     "I need a ride from Loraine's"

     "Uhh just wait." I looked over to Lavender who nodded "Okay be there soon"

     We both got in my car and drove for a few minutes. My sister came in looking at Lavender who smiled and waved her hand.

     "Hi I'm Lavender." She said taking of her mask revealing her beauty. My sister introduced herself,

     "Not to be rude but are you guys related?" I nodded as we pulled up in front of a nice brown house. She said her farewells and entered the door. I sighed and slumped in my seat. I groaned and hit my head on the wheel over and over.

     "Malcolm what's wrong with you?"

     " I'm in love with my student!" I said desperately. She sighed and patted my head as we drove to our house. 

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