In a Masquerade party A young man and a girl on her last year in High school met and fell in love. Some restraints has gotten in his head that blocks his chances with the girl. If it does work out no one knows who either of one is.
This is like a modern style of Romeo and Juliet except no one dies in this story.


3. Dreaming of You

     All throughout the weekend my head was filled with pictures of me and Malcolm. My dreams are all of him, this boy has me under a spell. Tomorrow morning I would have to go back to school, he should be there.

     As the bell rang for next period I raced down the hallway to my favorite class Mr. Lorenzo's class. I enjoy  algebra but today my head is somewhere else, I wasn't paying attention and I would doddle his name on my notebooks.

     "Okay hand in your notebooks and get out of here!" Mr.Lorenzo ordered while the end of the day bell rang. I hesitantly piled my book with the rest. Mid way the door Mr.Lorenzo hollered "Ms. Braille! please can we talk?" My shoulders fell, I dragged my feet to his desk.

     "Yes?" My voice cracked though it shouldn't 

     "What's wrong?" His familiar green eyes staring in mine. "You seem distracted and you need to start participating in class, you are an intelligent girl your ideas could fertilize the minds of the idiots in our class" I laughed.

     "I'm sorry if I was distracted today but one: My head is full right now with a boy! and two: I'm not very good at algebraic expressions" I blushed admitting to him.

     "Well get that boy out of your head so I can tutor you on Algebra" He gave me a million dollar smile, I smiled as well and shook his hand.


     The past week I stayed an hour after classes so Mr.Lorenzo could tutor me, sometimes it seemed that I know him from somewhere else. I thought my head was just confused with all the math but on Friday I knew it was true.

     "C'mon! Maybe the 15th time you'll get it!" He tried lifting my spirit but it made no difference. "or maybe your artistic head needs some rest." I agreed and took out my water bottle and drank. 

     "MALCOLM!! Where are you?!" I did a spit take as I heard the name. "You forgot didn't you?" It was Malcolm's sister. The door swung open and she stood there anger in her eyes. "Malcolm get out of your desk!" My head snapped to the direction of my teacher who was hiding. "Your doctor's appointment is in five minutes and your here with- OMG Malcolm I didn't know Lavender was here!"

     My eyes watered, why didn't he tell me who he really was? I've told him about Malcolm for the past week and he acted like he didn't know him! Is he ashamed that I kissed him that day? Does he think I'm just another freaky girl? Does he think he would get laughed at because I would be seen with him in public? I knew it, NO ONE ever likes me.

     I snatched my bag and ran out the door and into the streets. Tears freely falling, I reached my house in no time. I ignored my mother as I stormed up stairs, my body crashed on my bed as my sobs got muffled by the wet pillow.

     "Lavender what happened?" My mother was under the door way with her arms out. I fell in those open arms and told her everything, all the things that happened that night. All the feelings and all the thoughts came out. 

     "May I stay here tomorrow?"

     "Can you manage without nobody until 5?" She whispered "Your sister has a party and I'm working a double shift" I nodded and hugged her. 

     That night I wept myself to to the night, I couldn't sleep so I decided to kill time. I got up and wiped my tears, I walked to the canvass in my room and sketched out a scenery that was too familiar with me. The place where good memories was made and the lowest point of my life was made.

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