In a Masquerade party A young man and a girl on her last year in High school met and fell in love. Some restraints has gotten in his head that blocks his chances with the girl. If it does work out no one knows who either of one is.
This is like a modern style of Romeo and Juliet except no one dies in this story.


1. Happy Birthday Mr.Lorenzo


     I woke up earlier than usual today because tonight after school is when the masquerade party was going to start. Iv'e been shopping all day yesterday just to make sure I would look my best. No one likes me other than my friends because my eyes are mismatched, I got it from my grandmother she had heterochromia iridium, it passed my moms generation and on to me. One is Brown and the other is Blue, it's miraculous if you ask me.      

      "Lavender! Are you awake?!" I heard my mom call from down the hallway "I need your help". I walked towards her room to see my sister trying to squeeze into a girdle, even if she isn't big she uses one because she thinks she is.         

     "How did it tightened?" I asked helping trying to close the opening.      

     "Your sister got a new one," My mom sounded out of breath "when I was on my first years in High School we did none of this!"         

     A few minutes of girdle squeezing I took a shower and dressed. My friend Neville is going to pick me up in ten minutes, so I gobbled my breakfast and almost broke the dishes when I heard a loud car horn outside. I ran into the open door and shouted my good byes to my family.        

     "Hey Lavender, got a date yet? or are you going with the 'partying with friends are better thing?"        

     "Mock me all you want, I am perfectly fine of being an outcast" I defended my self as the car backed out of the driveway. The short ride was full of jokes and laughter almost like the only two of us were on earth. When we reached the school the bell rang signalling us to hurry to homeroom. All my things are already in my shoulder bag, including a present.        

     I sat in my usual seat at the back and kept my head low as the announcment boomed through the PC.      "Today at 3:30  the basketball team will practice in the gymnasium, the team will also have a short meeting during lunch for the up coming competition against the South High Seals next week.        

     Ms. Rosendo will be selling tickets for both teachers and students tickets to tonight's Masquerade Party in the gymnasium. Oh and before I forget, Today is Mr. Lorenzo's birthday!!"

     Today was everyone's favorite teacher's birthday. He was always funny and helpful and my homeroom teacher. When the bell rang for first period I walked to Mr. Lorenzo and handed him a wrapped present.

     "Ms. Braille you shouldn't have!" He chuckled as he un wrapped it "Oh this is beautiful! Thank you!" He gave me a bear hug before letting me leave.


     It is an hour away from the party and I'm putting my dress on. My younger sister helped me with my makeup, I don't really use it for everyday. There was so much on my face it felt heavy, maybe I'm over reacting 'cause I looked so marvelous. My mum walked on us and gasped and ran to me.

    " Oh Lavender! You look like an angel!!" She was starting to cry " When me and your father divorced I kept thinking I was letting you two down with all my grief and suffering." 

     "Mum don't cry....." I lifted her face off her arms and told her " You are the best mother in the world! You raised both of us well and your still teaching us to be respectful and nice..... We love you"

     I finished and kept checking myself over with my mirror in my room. Downstairs I could hear Neville and what I was guessing his date, I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. As I descended I could see my other best friend Alice holding hands with Neville. I said good bye to my mother and sister and joined my pals in the car.

     "When the heck did this happen?!" I asked not at anyone in particular. 

     "Yesterday but we kept it a secret because we wanted to surprise our loving and easily forgiving friend?" Alice replied

     "Is that a question" I fastened my seat belt as we drove into the night "Because it sounds like a fact"

     I peeked in the head mirror and saw Neville giving her the 'I told you so' look. I looked out the door and smiled at myself. This will be an unforgettable night.

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