A Candace Flynn Story

Candace Day at the mall with Stacy......


1. A Beautiful Morning.....

Today was a great day for me, when I woke up I felt the sun beam on my face and I was ready to start the morning...I woke up, put my robe on, put on my slippers, and went downstairs to have some Smile O's (my favorite cereal ever!) When I went downstairs, I sat down and my mom gave me the cereal box, milk, and bowl.  I poured the cereal into the bowl, poured the milk and started eating the cereal. Suddenly, my mom asked me, "What are you going to do today, besides busting your brothers?"I shrugged. I wasn't sure what I was doing today.. (besides busting my brothers) till' I heard the vibration of my cell phone go off in my pocket of my robe. It was Stacy. I told my mom if I can be excused from the table to talk to her. My mom said, "Yes, yes you may." So I ran up stairs and was talking to Stacy for like maybe 20 minutes or so. She was asking if we can go to the mall with me at 1:00. I told her if I can put her on hold. She said, "ok." So I ran downstairs to go ask my mom, who was cleaning up the kitchen and putting away dishes. I walked towards the kitchen and walked towards my mom and lightly tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Mom?" and my mom turned around and said, "What Candace?" and then I asked, "Can I go the mall with Stacy at 1:00?" My mom nodded. I finally went back to my room, picked up my phone, and went back to talking to Stacy about how excited we were about going to the mall this afternoon. 

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