Foyle's Army

Detective Superintendant Foyle tackles his most perplexing murder case when a member of the local Home Guard is found dead.


6. Chapter Six

  Two hours later, we returned to the church hall, bruised and exhausted after a fruitless search.

            “Hunting tablecloths on Tuesday and knickers on Wednesday,” grumbled Fraser. “The man's mad, quite mad.”

            Mrs Pike arrived in the hall at that moment. “Arthur! Your supper's ready. And I've got a special surprise for you.”

            “What is it, Mavis?” Wilson asked. She walked up to him and whispered something in his ear. A huge grin appeared on Wilson's face, then after a moment's thought he asked “Are they white or cream?”

            “I don't see what difference it makes,” Mrs Pike snapped. The romance in her voice from a moment ago had vanished like mist.

            “Please, Mavis, it's vitally important,” pleaded Wilson. “Can you go and check?”

            Mrs Pike disappeared to the ladies' and reappeared a few minutes later.

            “They're cream,” she confirmed.

            Suddenly Lance Corporal Jones came alive. “Don't panic! Don't panic! The Germans have landed! Don't panic!” he shouted as he marched up and down, until Mainwaring and Wilson managed to calm him.

            “One German,” I said. “As far as we’re aware. After all, there was only one parachute.”

            “The question is,” Foyle thought aloud. “Where is he now?”

            “Oi Napoleon, you've been shining lights from this building all evening. People keep going in and out without using the blackouts,” yelled a voice, heralding the entry of the town's chief ARP Warden.

            “Oh go away, Hodges,” Wilson groaned. "You really are becoming ever so tiresome."

            “And another thing,” Hodges continued. “I've had to warn one of your men down at the Novelty Rock Emporium as well. 'Put that light out' I yelled at him, but he just gestured at me.”

            “You must be mistaken,” Mainwaring argued. “None of my men have been anywhere near the Novelty Rock Emporium this evening. We've been busy patrolling other parts of the town.”

            “So I've heard,” snorted Hodges. “Pestering every woman for miles around.”

            “How dare you!” Mainwaring raised his voice. “We were engaged on a mission vital to national security.....”

            “I hate to interrupt,” commented Wilson. “But if there's a downed German airman somewhere in the area, and Private Fairweather's uniform was stolen, is it not possible that the member of the Home Guard Hodges saw at the Novelty Rock Emporium might be the German in Fairweather's uniform?”

            “It took you a long time to think of that, Wilson,” replied Mainwaring. “Men, get your rifles, we need to get down there now.”

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