Foyle's Army

Detective Superintendant Foyle tackles his most perplexing murder case when a member of the local Home Guard is found dead.


5. Chapter Five

          And so it was that Foyle and I and the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard spent the rest of the evening visiting Walker's customers in an attempt to track down the missing under garments. This proved not to be as easy as it might have seemed. Foyle knocked on the door of the first house.

            “I'm Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle,” he explained when a beautiful young woman opened the door. “I, er, need to see your under garments.” The woman slapped Foyle in the face and slammed the door.

            “I think we'll cross this one off the list and try the next one,” he commented, rubbing his cheek.

            On the other side of the road, Mainwaring and Pike were similarly unsuccessful. Mainwaring knocked on the first door. A large middle-aged man opened it.

            “I'm Captain Mainwaring of the Home Guard. I need to see your wife's underwear,” explained Mainwaring. The man punched him so hard in the face that Mainwaring fell into the hedge.

            “You can do the next house, Pike.”

            Pike walked up the path to the next house and knocked.

            “Captain Mainwaring wishes to see your wife's knickers,” he explained when another middle-aged man opened the door.

            “Oh, he does, does he,” said the man, who stormed down the path and punched Mainwaring in the stomach. winding him badly, before going back inside.

            Mainwaring glared at Pike. “You stupid boy,” he said again.

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