Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


14. There she was.

Kaylee's POV:

I had to wake up Kyndall because Ashlee and Haley are to obsessed with getting ready for Louis and Harry.

'Psshh, Kyndall, come on it's time to get up..' I said while shaking her.
'Okay, okay, I'm up..' She said getting up with her bed head.
'Kyndall I'm already ready do you want me to do your hair?' I said pushing her hair back from her face.
'Hmmmhmmm...' She responded slowly getting up.
'Do you want to straighten it or curl it? Cause Haley straightened her hair so the straigtener is out, or curl cause Ashlee is almost done with her hair..' I said walking Kyndall to the bathroom.
'Ummm I-I-I don't care...' Kyndall said leaning up against the wall.
'I'm just gunna straighten it okay??' I responded while brushing her hair.
'Do whatever you want..' She said while putting her face into her hands.

This girl is going to be a mess all day long, oh man is she going to be crabby.

Louis' POV:

'10 more minutes Harry!!!!' I said jumping in my seat and shaking Harry.
'Lou, I know this. I'm excited too, but control yourself, okay?' Harry said looking right into my eyes.
'Your right... I'm cool, I'm calm..' I responded taking a deep breath.
'Are you really?' He said poking the side of  my face.
'Noo! I'm not!' I said jumping for joy.
'Lou..' Harry got cut off the flight attendet.
'Hello passangers, we will be landing in 5 mintutes, please stay seated till then, thank you.'

Right then I looked at Harry, & then at the rest of the boys and had the biggest smile ever on my face. When I smiled from the excitement Harry did as well.

Even though we were landing in 5 minutes I decided to lay back my head and imagine Haley, seeing her for the first time in months. I can imagine her smiling as big as she could running towards me, then me catching her. Then me kissing her passionally and not letting her go. I wasn't going to let her go, I would carry her to the car and have her sit on my lap in the car. & you know maybe get lucky tonight(;


We're off the plane and just now recieving our luggage, I;m looking everywhere for the girls but don't seem to spot them anywhere!

'Harry! Where are they at? They should be here!' I was pacing back in forth in anger, but worried all at the same time.

He didn't have to say anything, he looked up from his phone, his eyes lit up. He smiled and pointed forward, right to a group of girls.

There she was, long brown-reddish straight hair, covering her mouth and almost about to cry. But her bright green eyes were lite up at the sight of seeing me. Everything felt in slow-motion as she came running towards me with tears rolling down her cheeks and her hair bouncing up and down. The sight of seeing her was indiscribable.

'Louis!' She sprinted towards me, when she reached me she stuck her arms up and jumped.
'I love you Haley.' I had her legs picked up of the ground and her arms were wrapped around me while I kissed her.

Ashlee ran to Harry & Harry picked her up and spun her around.

I saw Kyndall and Kaylee but they were justing walking over with no worry.

Haley and I stopped kissing and I wiped away her tears, but I refused to let her down.

'Louis you can let me down now..' Haley said in a soft tone and then placed a little peck of a kiss on my nose.
'I am not letting you down, it's been to long, your mine!' I told her while pressing my forehead against hers'.
'And I always will be, but you have your bags to carry.' She looked me in my eyes then jumped off of me.
'Fine, you win.' I kissed her on the lips once more before picking up my bags.
'Oh, and Haley this is Zayn, Niall, & Liam, and you already know Harry.' I pointed to all of them and Haley shuck hands with them.
'Well is everyone ready to go?' Haley glanced back over at me and flashed a smile.
'Lets go!' Harry yelled, and started to walk with Ashlee latched to his back getting a piggy-back ride.

Finally, everything will be going back to normal. Life at home, but this time the boys are with me, being with my family, & finally for what has seem like a century I get to be with my girl.



Sorry it has been so long that I have updated! I have been busy and started sports up again, I will try as much as possible to write for Breath Taking. That's all I have to say, but if you have any question leave them in the comments or my Twitter @Alliee2_Styles. Thank you!(: xxx

-Allie Styles(:

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