Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


9. Ready 1,2,3...

Kaylee's POV:

I don't understand why but Kyndall was acting awfully weird tonight and it wasn't because Ashlee & Haley weren't here.

I mean really I could hear her heart pounding, I could probably hear it from miles away.

Someone finally came to the door and now the party begins.

'Heyy you guy..s.....Where's Ashlee?' Jacob didn't care if we were here, he wanted Ashlee.
'She'll be coming later, don't worry about it..' Kyndall had the fakest smile on her face.
'What are you talking about?' I whispered into Kyndall's ear.

She gave me the 'play along' look.

'Don't worry Jacob, she'll come..' I said it in such a sarcastic voice, I hope he doesn't notice.
'Umm, okay. Well there is food....drinks....have fun..' He motioned us inside the house.

I thought this would an actually party......Not a get together in charge of his parents.

'Umm Kyndall......This isn't what I expected for his little party.' I nudged her to a hallway.
'I know....I see this, just give me a minute....then we can go, okay?' She had that determined look on her face.
'Okay, I'll be over there getting something to drink and something to eat.' I motioned myself towards the tables of food and drinks.

& just like that Kyndall was off to get whatever she wanted done.


It's been over 15 minutes and I haven't spotted Kyndall anywhere! I look like I'm lost, just standing here looking around the house thinking. Thinking, of well I'm not sure of, oh! That plant, that's a pretty plant over there, that's a good picture of Jacob over there. Oh well hello there hot guy!

Don't make it obvious, just give him a little smile, batt those eyes, and now look away.

Give it a second, ready in 1,2,3.....

'Hi, you seem bored over here..' He towered over me, but he voice was smooth when he talked.
'Hi, and I kinda am. I don't know where my friend is at...' I started to look around for Kyndall.
'Well anyways, I'm Kyle, I'm Jacob's cousin.' He reached his hand out for a hand shake.
'I'm Kaylee, I go to school with Jacob.' I responded while shaking his hand.
'Got a squeeze there don't'cha?' He grinned at me.

I thought I was going to die! That smile, and his laugh. Ughhhh!!


Kyle and I have been talking all night. I finally found something to do and Kyndall comes up at the worst time.

'Hey come on I'm ready to go....' Kyndall said with a really soft voice.
'Umm, I was ready like 3 hours ago! Where have you been?!' I knew I shouldn't yell at her now but I was pissed.
'I've just been walking around looking for you.' She had a bit of sarcasticness in her voice and didn't even look at me in the eyes.
'I'm sorry Kyle, but excuse me.' I gave a fake smile and pushed Kyndall towards an empty hall.
'Don't lie to me Kyndall! Where have you been all night?!"
'I was with Jacob! Is that a crime!' She yelled at me as I saw her jaw tense up.
'It's not a crime but I have been waiting for hours for you!' I was half tempted to slap Kyndall across the face.

I was so mad I just took off. I stormed out the door, I was worried about anything. I just kept on walking, but I heard someone coming after me. I didn't know who is was, my heart started to pound in fear.

'Kaylee!! Wait up!' that soft voice, I knew who it was.

I turned around and I couldn't be happier to see anyone else, it was Kyle.

'Kaylee, what's wrong?' He had a concerned look and his voice sounded worried.
'Just some problems with my friend Kyndall.' I continued to walk and Kyle walked with me.
'I'll walk you home...' He grabbed my hand.
'You don't have to get back to the party?' I looked at him concerned.
'You don't want me to walk you home.' He stopped waking but still had hold of my hand.
'I never said that, I was just curious that Jacob doesn't want back at the party?' As I said that his hand tensened up and we began to walk again.
'I don't think Jacob will mind I'm gone.' When he said that I heard a little laugh come out.

This night was getting better all ready.


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