Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


12. Poor baby

Haley's POV:

'Hey Ash, I'm sorry about your mom. I hope you can find out what is wrong.' I gave her a smile and left.

I was actually really concerned for Ashlee's mom, she is like a mom to me, well since Lou & I have been together for awhile. But she honestly didn't look good at all. I was scared for Ashlee but Louis is coming back tomorrow and I'm coming over tonight, so is Kaylee and Kyndall. Would this be to much on Ashlee's mom with all of us here, or will Ash think that to & send them home? I hope not but I don't know how Ash will act, also with Louis coming back.. Was he going to freak out on us for not doing anything to help his mom. I sure hope not.


It was now around 8 PM and that's when we were suppose to start going to Ash's, but I wasn't sure so I texted her, just to make sure.

TO: Ash.!:D - 'Hey Ash, I'm still coming over with Kay & Kyn right? :/'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'Yeah?? Why wouldn't you? Lou && the boys are coming back, I wouldn't leave without you!'
TO: Ash.!:D - 'I just didn't know how your mom was feeling.? & I know you wouldn't! It's cause you love me!'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'She's still acting kinda weird but she looks a lot better! && I don't know about that LOVE you part.. (;'
TO: Ash.!:D - 'I just wanted to make sure.. & what you don't love me.. I'm gunna go jump off a bridge now:/'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'I'm gunna miss your texts.. </3'
TO: Ash.!:D - 'You bitch. ):<'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'Not my fault your going suicidal on me..'
TO: Ash.!:D - 'I'M NOT GOING SUICIDAL!& I'm pretty sure about that too'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'Okay whatever! Just go pick up Kay & Kyn! I'm getting lonley...:/'
TO: Ash.!:D - 'Kay I will, & poor baby)':'
FROM: Ash.!:D - 'I know right! && could you pick me up some diapers.? I'm all out!!.d:'

I love that girl so much.. I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes.

But now to text Kaylee and Kyndall.

TO: Kay-Kay.!! - 'Hey, be over to come get you in like 5-10 min.'
TO: Kyn.!0.0 - 'Hey, be over to come get you in like 5-10 min.'
FROM:  Kay-Kay.!! - 'Could you not be anymore specific?'
FROM: Kyn.!0.0 - 'Okay, see you then!. xxx'
TO: Kay-Kay.!! - 'Your lucky I'm being nice today, I could have said in a bit. Is that any better for yah?'
FROM: Kay-Kay.!! - 'SASSY! No need to get out your kitty claws! :/'
TO: Kay-Kay.!! - 'Shit... It's alittle late for that.'
FROM: Kay-Kay.!! - 'Don't be getting any ideas missy! o.O'
TO: Kay-Kay.!! - 'No promises..'


I had already picked up Kyndall because she just went along with everything and Kaylee just had to make it difficult. But no Kaylee just  had to get that little attitude out and have a little comment for everything. I still love her though.

Oh no here she comes now... Getting prepared for a hissyfitt coming.

'Hey Hal.... Umm how come you picked up Kyndall first?' Her face was blank, no expression at all.
'She was closer.' I lied to get her all mad.
'Umm Haley if you havn't noticed I live closer to you..' Her jaw tensened up and she was right on the line from busting.
'Are you fucking mental!!?' She raised her voice a little but not screaming and was making hand gestures.
'Maybe just a little, I'm not quiet sure.' I said with a confused tone and raised my eyebrow.
'You really must be, cause I do live closer!' She was almost on the erge to yell.
'Ohh you poor baby, I already had to pick up diapers for Baby Ashlee, do you need to borrow some?' I said make a puppy dog face with my lip out.
'No but I think....' & Kaylee got cut off by the radio.

'And now a song from the HOTEST boyband One Direction!!'

& then Little Things started to play.

It got quite & Kaylee and Kyndall were looking at me, just waiting to see if I would do anything. They knew we were going to see the boys tomorrow, but it's been awhile since I've seen Lou.

As much as I wanted to hear Louis sing I knew I would start balling, so I reached my hand over and turned the station. I then put my hand up to my face and wiped away one of my tears that escaped from my eye.

'Hal, you okay?' Kyndall peered over the backseat.
'Yeah, I'm fine..' I put my head back against and put both hands on the steering wheel.
'Hal?' Kyndall was now questioning me.
'I really am, don't worry. & I'm not lying. Their a popular band of course their gunna be on the radio. It's just a song.'

But I really knew it wasn't just a song to me. I couldn't worry about that right now. I wanted to get to Ashlee's have a great night and see the boys tomorrow!

Everything is going to be perfect!



Hi guys! I know it's been awhile since I've updated Breath Taking, but I've been really busy with sports latley. I will be finishing up basketball next week and hopefully I can update a lot before track starts up! I really like typing but I don't have the time to really do anything anymore. I will type when ever I can, I got lucky today to type. Thanks for reading my book so far && please don't stop there is more to come!! Love you all. xxx



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