Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


8. Performing monkey

Kyndall's POV:

I'm starting to get worried.

Haley and Ashlee haven't responded to my texts, and their running late for the party. I got really bored so I got on Twitter to see what was going on.

@Haley_May♥ : '& just like that he was gone. #broken'

@itss_Kyndall* : @Haley_May♥ What's going on? Where are you & @Ash__Marie ?


It's been 30 minutes and I still haven't heard from Haley or Ashlee. I wanna go to this party and just because they won't respond to me doesn't mean I'm not going.

TO: Kay!:p - 'Hey, I'll be by to come get you, were going to that party.'
FROM: Kay!:p - 'What about Hal & Ash? Aren't they coming?'
TO: Kay!:p - 'They aren't responding to me, who cares?! They aren't going to stop us, were gunna have fun!(;'
FROM: Kay!:p - 'Okay, I'm ready when you are..'

Here we go, finally I'm gunna get to party. I think I'll tweet about this.

@itss_Kyndall* : Ain't nobody stopping me, I'm just doing me. Paartty time! @Kiss_Begins_with_Kay


'Hey!' Kaylee said getting into the car.
'You ready to party?' I said.
'I am reaaadddy tooo paartay!' She screamed but started to laugh.
'Okay, just checking.' I said with a wink.

I started to drive and Kaylee plugged in her phone into the radio, even though I saw her plug it in I was not expecting her blast the radio!

Not even hesitating to turn it down I began to yell at Kaylee.

'What do you think your doing!' turning the music down and giving her 'the look'.
'I wanted to listen to Tequila Sunrise...' Kaylee said with a puppy dog face.
'Well you don't have to make my ears bleed!' I said in a sarcastic voice but turning the music back up.
'I'm sorry, well not really...' She must have been thinking, I swore I saw smoke coming out of her ears..
'Kaylee....Hunny are you thinking?' We were at a red light, so I touched her shoulder to get her attention.
'Yeah...I am..why?' She jerked her head toward me.
'Because I can see smoke coming out of your ears..' I said it with a really serious face.
'Shut up!! Jerk....Do I amuse you or something?' Kaylee's face...priceless!
'Yes, actually you do..' I said but still focused on the road.
'I'm not a performing monkey okay?' Kaylee has the pouty look and her arms crossed.

After our little conversation in the car, we finally arrived at Jacob's. I was so excited for the party, because I actually, secretly like Jacob. That's why I said yes to come to his party, I thought we could talk. But he is expecting Ashlee to be with us, he isn't gunna want anything to do with me.

I'm just another girl to him.

I just might be stuck with Kaylee all night, that's not a bad thing, I just wanna have some fun.

With my heart pounding I stood at the door, I didn't move.

'Are you gunna ring the doorbell or no?' Kaylee was waving her hand in front of my face.
'Huh?.. Oh yeah..' As I reached for the doorbell, Kaylee got to it before me.
'Why are you moving like a snail?' her eyes widened waiting for an explantion.
'I-It just feels weird without Ash and Hal, that's all..' I didn't look her in the eyes so she wouldn't find out that I was lying.

We stood there for a minute or two, and finally someone was turning the door nob.

The door opened.

Now the party begans.



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