Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


6. Nothing here, never was, never will be.

Ashlee's POV:

I'm losing my mind......why am I here? No, no I don't....

I officially hate English! I know how to speak it, that's why I don't do Spanish!

I thought English would be fun, but I don't have Haley,Kyndall, or Kaylee in this hour. But no, I guess not.

I could be at home right now, watching tv and texting Harry.

OH WAIT! I can text Harry now! Now trying to get it out of my front pocket, this is gunna be difficult.Trying not to look like a retarted worm wiggling around, I snaked my phone out and I texted my Harry!

TO: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Hey babe! I know I'm at school and I shouldn't be texting, but I miss you..'
FROM: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Hi babe, it's okay but I don't want you to get caught..'
TO: Hare-Bear♥ - 'It's like you don't know who I am?(;'
FROM: Hare-Bear♥ - 'I do(; Oh and I have some news to tell you later, get on Skype later?'
TO: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Wouldn't miss a chance to Skype with you(:'
FROM: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Okay good!(: Well I'll talk to you later, you gotta learn some stuff today(;'
TO: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Okay but it's not as fun as talking to you(;'

I wondered what Harry has to tell me later, but not waiting another second I quickly shoved my phone in my back pocket. That way I have more access to it, I guess you could say. Even though it is very visiable in my back pocket, I could care less.


Now I'm off to my locker, and third hour with Kyndall.

I put in my combination very quickly and started to grab my books. I heard someone come up behind me.

'You got something in your back pocket there?'

I got shivers from their low deep voice.

'So you were looking at my ass' I stated while swiftly turning around. But then I realized it was my ex Jacob.

'I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself, your just' He was gently touching my side then pushing me up against my locker.
'Is there something I don't know about over here?' Kyndall walked around Jacob with one eyebrow up.
'No! There is nothing here and there never was, and never will be.' Pushing Jacob away with all my strength, then slamming my locker causing my hair to blow back.
'Well anyways, I'm having a little party tonight & was hoping you and your little group wants to come?' Jacob had a devious smirk.
'We'd love too' Kyndall looped her arm through mine and we just walked off.


'What do you mean were going to his party?!' Using my attitude and sass I closed Kyndall's book and demanded for an answer.
'Were going to his party, it will be fun. Come on! Don't be a Debby Downer!' Kyndall was begging like a puppy.
'I don't want to go.' I was serious.
'Debby Downer... Kaylee and Haley will come with me, you know Jacob will be expecting you!' She almost yelled.

Does this chick really want to start with me?

'Kyndall...' She cut me off.
'Were going! Don't you dare pull your sass out on me, don't become your brother. Loosen up, lets go.' She was waving her finger at me.
'Find out what time it is.' Rolling my eyes in defeat.
'It's at 7' Kyndall was very happy about this.

Now to find out when Harry can Skype, I'm gunna kill this girl if I have to cancel on Harry.




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