Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


10. Nightmare

Louis' POV:
So Harry and I were Skyping Ashlee and Haley when the call just randomly ended!

'HARRY! WHAT HAPPENED!!?' My voice cracked, but I didn't care.
'I DON'T KNOW!! IT SAYS LOST CONNECTION!' Harry was scrambling around the computer pressing different buttons to get it to work.
'Louis your phone is going off!' Harry yelled at me because he saw the name of who was calling me.

It read, INCOMING CALL FROM: Haley♥(;

I ran for my phone and scrambled to press the answer button.

'Hello!?? Haley you there?' I was worried the call wasn't going to go through like Skype.
'H-h-h-ell-o.....L-o-ou-is..' Haley's voice was faded.
'Haley I can't hear you! What's going on?' I was now literally yelling into the phone.
'L-o-o-ou-i-is..I-I-I..c-c-an-n't.. h-e-ea-r..y-o-ou..' Now you couldn't even tell that Haley was talking.


CALL ENDED: Haley♥(;

'Shit..' I mumbled to myself.
'Lou? We'll just wait till there is connection..' Harry said soft and closed the laptop shut.
'But I don't want to wait for connection I want to talk to my girlfriend now!' I yelled kicking the air.
'I know bro, I wanna talk to Ashlee, I didn't even get to tell her the big news..' Harry dropped his head to the ground and sat there.

Harry turned the laptop back on, and we sat there. Just waiting, we were hoping that they would try to Skype or even call us back.

Harry sat at the end of his bed looking at his phone screen, it was a picture of Ashlee. He didn't say a word, and he didn't even move. I knew his pain, I layed on his bed scrolling through pictures of Haley & I. I felt so empty right now.

It felt like there was a hole in my heart, this was all just a bad dream. I would wake up and all this would be gone. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them again, sadly this wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare that wasn't going to end.

'Hey Harry?' I said with a soft tone in my voice.
'Yeah Lou?' Harry responded but didn't even budge.
'Do you think they're going to try to call or Skype again?' I said as I got up from his bed.
'Probably not, they're most likely in bed by now..' Harry's voice sounded disappointed.
'Okay, well you let me know if they do. I'll let you know if they call, I'm gunna head back to my room now. Night.' I told Harry, and walked out the door.


I woke up, I grabbed my phone and I got a text from Haley!

FROM: Haley♥(; - 'Hey babe, we got connection now, but I know your sleeping. I think we'll be fine though. 1 more day now, I love you Lou<3 bye..'

That text was sent 2 hours ago. Why couldn't I be awake 2 hours ago! I missed the chance to talk to my girlfriend, I only have one more day till I go home. But honestly, I don't care that I have one more day. I don't want to wait another second to see my family or my girlfriend.

I want this day to be over. NOW!


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