Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


11. Ashlee, your daughter?

Ashlee's POV:

I woke up and Haley was sleeping on top of me. How did she end up sleeping with me? Oh wait now I know, long night of freaking out about the Skype being ended with Harry and Lou.

The only thing running through my mind now is, what did Harry had to tell me?

The Skype ended right when he was telling me! Why couldn't it wait like 20 more seconds, I would have been fine with that! But no stupid connection ended it! I hate WiFi, I hate it so much, but I have it now!

'Hey you! Get up! We have school!' I pushed Haley off my bed and on to the floor.
'You know, there is a nicer way to wake people up. Like not pushing them on the floor!!' She said in the motion of flipping her hair.
'Wow, you just got me overwhelmed...' I said with a wink.
'Shut up, come on we gotta get ready.' Haley said throwing a pillow at me.


'Mom were leaving.' I yelled waiting at the door.

My mom started to come down the stairs, but she is moving like a slug! She looks like a ghost, and is hacking like a dog. I never seen my mom look this bad before, what has happened to her?

'Mom, are you okay? What's wrong?' I went over to her and felt her head.

She was burning up, but she looked confused. She was moving her eyes back and forth, just looking around the room.

'Where am I?' She finally spoke up, but her voice was faded.
'Mom....are you okay?' I walked her over to the couch.
'Hmmm...what? Oh yeah I'm fine, have fun at school. I'll see you later, bye love you.' And just like that she scooted us out the door.


~After 5th hour~

'Hey Hal, I'm gunna go to the office real quick okay. See you in class'
'Ummm okay?' Haley sounded confused.

I had to go to the office and call my mom and see if she was doing okay. She sure wasn't okay this morning, she didn't even know where she was and then just like that she was fine and sent us out the door. What was going on?

'Helloo.?' My mom answered the phone, and sounded even worse.
'Hi mom, it's Ashlee. How are you feeling?' I said curiously.
'Ashlee?' My mom sounded like she had no clue who I was.
'Yes mom, Ashlee, your daughter..?' I was really worried now.
'Oh hi, I'm doing fine thanks for asking. Gotta go now bye.' She sounded to cheery.

But just like that she hung up the phone. I wanted to know what was wrong with my mom and why she was acting like this. I didn't want to be in school right now, I wanted to be home helping her. I feel bad that she is home alone right now, because I am at school, Louis is still gone, and my dad is at work. Poor mom, now I feel guilty for coming to school...


'Come on Haley! I got to get home!' I was running out the door and into Haley's car.
'Why are you rushing, is there a fire or something?' She had that sarcastic tone in her voice.
'No, I want to get home to my mom. I was on the phone with her earlier, and she didn't even know who I was...' I said in a sad tone.

It got silent for a minute than Haley started the car. I understand I was being pushing about going home, but my mom didn't even know who I was... No mom forgets their own child. There was clearly something wrong, and I was going to find out.


'Hey Ash, I'm sorry about your mom. I hope you can find out what is wrong.' She gave me a smile and left.

I hope I can find out too..


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