Ashlee is Louis Tominson's younger sister. When Louis comes back from tour with his band One Direction Ashlee introduces the boy to her friends Kyndall, Haley, & Kaylee. Will there be love in the air?


1. Two days.

Ashlee's POV:


I hit the snooze on  my alarm.

I still layed there drifting off and falling back to sleep.

'Ashlee....Ashlee..' someone was shaking me.
'UGH..... what...?' I said not bothering to move.

It was my mom waking me up.

'Ashlee you need to get ready for school now.' She demanded while opening the curtains.
'Okay I'm up' throwing the covers off of me.

I walked across the hall to the bathroom.

The house was always so quiet.

I stood there for a moment in the bathroom for a minute, then I turned my straightener on and walked back off to my bedroom.

I started to pick out my clothes when I heard my phone go off.

FROM: Haley B) - 'Heyy Biitchh.! I'll be by in 20.! *~2 more days~*'
TO: Haley B) - 'Okay, & why you counting down.? Stalker much.?(;'
FROM: Haley B) -'Noo(; I'm just excited for Lou to come back.! I kinda wanna see my boyfriend you know(;'
TO: Haley B) - 'I know!(; I know, I can't wait either!'

I stood in my room smiling at my phone because of Haley.

Haley is my brother Louis' girlfriend and also one of my bestfriends. They've been together for over a year & a half thanks to me(: But Louis is on tour right now with his band, it's been months since we've seen him.

He'll be back in 2 more days!! I honestly can't wait because I really miss him..

I set my phone down and picked up my clothes & walked back into the bathroom. I started to straighten my long sandy blonde hair. When I finish I threw on a pair of skinny jeans, with a zebra print belt, a neon blue tanktop, with a see threw shirt.

I then put my make-up on, brushed my teeth and walked in my bedroom and threw my converse on. I then grabbed my phone my bag and headed down strairs waiting for Haley to come and get me.

I heard a honk of a car outside so I started to head out for the door.

'Haley is here, I'm leaving love you!' I screamed before slamming the door.

'What's up little bitch.!' Haley unlocked the door.
'Nothing much big bitch.!' I responded closing the door behind me.
'What's that noise.?' Haley said really confused.
'It's my phone, it's a text from Louis & Harry' I said smiling

FROM: Lou(: - 'Hey goodluck at school for you & Haley(; Love you both(:'
FROM: Hare-Bear♥ - 'Hey babe goodluck at school see you in two days(;'
TO: Lou(: - 'Thanks we love you too, can't wait to see you!'
TO: Hare-Bear♥ - ' Thanks(; Been counting down(;'

"You ready.?' Haley asked.
'Yup, another day wasted at school.' I said rolling my eyes.

I want this day to be over all ready, but it's one more day gone by till Louis comes back.

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