You said you wouldn't forget....

Maisie Eryn Parker is 16 years old. She has been a foster child since she was 12. Her parents died in a car accident the day after she turned 12. There was no family left to take her in, so she was forced to become a foster child. the foster home was across the street from her old house, so she was very grateful that they let her live in her old house even though she was alone. Her best friend was Niall Horan, they were neighbors. He was 2 years older than her, but they became bestfriends when she was 1 and he was 3. he tried out for the X Factor and made it and forgot about her. though he said he never would. How will she handle what has become of her life, being forgotten by everyone, having no friends, never feeling the safe and secure feeling that she so desperately needs since Niall to find out
No Hate this is my first movella and sorry for any spelling errors!!!


3. Trying to live without you

**Maisie's POV**

~Beep Beep Beep Beep~ ugh! another day of school. Im a Junior, i go to a regular public highschool where i get made fun of everyday. No one cares about me, No one ever will. But i only have to see these people for another week! I get to graduate early, and on the 2 year anniversary of Nialls leaving. After that im going to be a model. Some of you may think, why a model your probably ugly, well im not. I am what guys would call 'fit' and my blonde hair goes down to my waist. My eyes are electric blue which most people would love to have. My face is naturally blemish free so i only wear eyeliner and mascara and sometimes lipstick. I am about 5'4 so im almost average for my age. i grab my clothes and lay them on the bed and get in the steaming shower to wash all of the tears of my face.

~hour later~

"you dont know you beautiful! Thats what makes you beautiful!" yep im listeneing to one direction. He may have left me, but i still wont hate on him! i grab my jacket and bag and run out the door.School is only 2 blocks away so i walk. i pull my sleeves down covering the fresh scar on my wrist, like normal. I walk into the classroom to my desk and wait for attendence. After that i walk into the gym. Yes, the gym, my only class considering i dont need anymore and that i want to be a model so i have to keep my weight in check. i weigh about 120 which is where i want to stay.

~a week later~

Well, i did it. i graduated. I turned my radio on to the regular station and started singing along to 'i knew you were trouble' by Taylor Swift. I grabbed my suitcase and started packing all of my clothes in one. All of my chargers and bathroom stuff in the other. i got my purse and put my laptop, headphones, ipod, and makeup in it. I grabbed my plane tickets and college papers. i picked up my keys and android phone and left my house with my 3 bags.


"FLIGHT 317 TO LONDON, ENGLAND NOW BOARDING" i sighed time to start my new life. i grabbed my carry on and boarded the plane and sat beside a guy with his hood up and sunglasses. wow what a weirdo. "hi im Maisie" i put my hand out and he just looked at it. I slowly put my hand down, i sighed "this is gonna be a long flight"..... 

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