You said you wouldn't forget....

Maisie Eryn Parker is 16 years old. She has been a foster child since she was 12. Her parents died in a car accident the day after she turned 12. There was no family left to take her in, so she was forced to become a foster child. the foster home was across the street from her old house, so she was very grateful that they let her live in her old house even though she was alone. Her best friend was Niall Horan, they were neighbors. He was 2 years older than her, but they became bestfriends when she was 1 and he was 3. he tried out for the X Factor and made it and forgot about her. though he said he never would. How will she handle what has become of her life, being forgotten by everyone, having no friends, never feeling the safe and secure feeling that she so desperately needs since Niall to find out
No Hate this is my first movella and sorry for any spelling errors!!!


13. The Suprise

~1 Year later~

Maisie's Pov

My life was going great. I had an amazing boyfriend and the best 8 friends in the world. I got to meet Eleanor and Danielle and they are super nice and not to mention gorgeous! Me and Kir are models for Aeropostale. We were offered this right after we ended school and gladly accepted. The contract ends in 6 months and then Victoria's Secret offered both of us a job there which will last for 2 years! Our life is falling into place. We had really cute clothes because everything we wore, we got to keep. Which also means we have more money for the amount we get paid, not spending it on clothes, and also our boyfriends and fiances arre famous!

Yes I said fiance! Kiera and Harry are so in love and everyone can tell that they were meant to be together and he proposed almost 3 months ago! I get to be a bridesmaid! The wedding is in 3 more months, the dresses are going to be lavender and sky blue! I dont get fitted until the week before so we can make sure it fits. Mostly because I have gained quite a bit of weight. No not from being just plain fat but because im going to be a mom!

We found out about 3 months ago! It was my first time and it was an accident, but both of us are thrilled. We already have picked out names for our child. We find out if we will have a little baby boy or baby girl next month! I think we both are hoping for a little girl, but we still both will be happy for a little boy! The girls name will either be Ava Maise Horan (Niall picked the middle names) or Avery Skye Horan or if its a boy Aiden Bryson Horan or Dustin Matthew Horan.

Niall still hasnt asked me to marry him, but I dont blame him. I think he knows that I really dont want to walk down the isle looking like an oompa loompa in a big white dress. But today the girls are taking me shopping then to the doctors where Niall will meet us with the boys to check on the baby. The doctor is Kieras mom so we get the biggest room and I'm allowed to bring 9 along with me! So thats all of us!

Even though im only three months in, the baby is getting a bit heavy. So Kir started living with us and she helps me get ready in the mornings when Niall cant. Today is one of those days since the boys have an interview. Niall helped me get dresses and into the bath before he left and after Kir helped. I had just finished getting ready (of course with help from the girls) and was getting ready to leave.

We went down to starbucks and they all got coffee and I got a hot chocolate. It was a cold outside so we all were dressed warm. We went to a bunch of stores and we all got new makeup and perfume. Then we went to some clothing stores for Perrie Danielle and Eleanor. They all got some new skinny jeans and some jumpers. By the time we finished all of this it was 3 (sorry im using American time and not like the 13 , 14 stuff, im no good at that) which meant we had just enough time for a small lunch and then we would have to meet the boys by 4.

We decided to go to Nandos to eat because it was just around the corner from the doctors. We had our own personal body guard that Paul hired us, especially because I was pregnant and Kir was engaged. His name was Tyler, and he went with us everywhere. Even when we already had Paul, he would stay to protect us anyways. I would always have someone by my side because of my pregnancy and all of the crazed fans. Tyler had ordered for us and brought us all our food back and we started eating. It was 3:45 once we had finished and we decided to go on over and wait for them. While waiting i got a little dizzy but decided not to say anything.

Soon after the boys arrived and Niall engulfed me in a hug then stood back and scowled at me "Why do you smell like Nandos?"

"We ate it before we came because I didn't eat anything before, and I was really hungry" He kissed me on the lips before replying

"Well after this I think you should take me to Nandos to make up for it!" he said and grabbed my hand and we walked inside with everyone else following. We immediately were escorted to our room well my room. The doctor lifted my shirt just enough to expose my stomache and rubbed some jelly on it. Every one looked at the screen while the doctor was pointing things out but what really caught my attention was this. "Well Miss Maisie, it looks like we have a problem" What? NO! I looked around and everyone was horror stricken looking at her. "No not terrible unless you want to take it terribly, your baby is perfectly fine but...." Niall cut her off tears falling down both of our faces

"But what? Stop fooling around and tell us whats wrong with our child or if its not the baby then whats wron with my Maise!?" he said trying to stop the tears but it wasnt helping any

"Okay Maisie your fine and so is your child, the problem is that you will have more to do" this time i cut her off

"More to do, what do you mean, is it gonna have a disability?" I said starting to cry harder and El came and wrapped arms around me.

"No, Not at all everyone and everything at this point is healthy, what im trying to say is you having twins. Not one baby, but two." My jaw dropped along with everyone elses

"Is that why I weigh more than I should, and why its harder to do things when other pregnant girls can do it?"

"Yes, everything will be a little more difficult, but i promise in the end, it will be worth it." At that moment i didnt care that she wasnt done I jumped up and ran to hug Niall. He hugged me back and picked me up and spun me round.

"This will be the best family in the world" Niall said into my neck while everyone else just awwed. The doctor wiped the jelly off my stomache and congradulated us. "Dont forget to schedule you appointment, and your children are growing very fast so i would recommend coming back next week to find out the genders." She said as we checked out

When we left everyone was grinning ear to ear. Niall for once had forgotten about Nandos so we went home. When we got there everyone was talking about the twins and how everything was going to be. But i slowly started losing my hearing and my vision. "Guys" i said and no one heard i started losing my balance and shouted "GUYS!! HELP M" I didnt even get the last word out before everything went black.


Nialls Pov


"GUYS!! HELP M" I heard Maise yell. Everyone got silent and we looked over just in time to see her falling. I ran and caught her just before she hit the ground. Liam ran and called for an ambulance. Everyone else was behind me and Eleanor seemed to be the only one that wasnt in shock besides me and Liam. She ran to get a cold wash cloth and came back and put it on her head. I layed her on her back onto the carpet with her head in my lap. El was kneeling down to her trying to check her pulse and check her breathing.

I couldnt hold it any more and started bawling. "Maisie, dont leave! You cant leave me! What about our family? Come back Maise Please! I love you! Dont leave I love you! Please dont leave I love you!" I kept saying over and over. Soon the ambulance came and took her away from my grasp and took her to the hospital. I just stayed on the floor in a ball crying and screaming "Maisie! COME BACK I LOVE YOU!! DONT LEAVE ME MAISE DONT LEAVE PLEASE I LOVE YOU!" I felt someone pick me up and carry me to the car but didnt bother to look and see who it was. I was to busy thinking about Maisie.


Louis Pov


I picked a sobbing Niall up and carried him to the car. He never stopped crying. I looked at everyone else and they were crying to. Especially the girls they all stayed in the back of the car sobbing and holding onto eachother. I felt a tear hit my arm along with many more coming down faster and faster. I didnt even realize it was mine until I involuntarily sniffled. 'please let her be ok' i thought 'you can let her leave, she was going to start a family, Niall was going to take her to dinner and propose tonight'

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