You said you wouldn't forget....

Maisie Eryn Parker is 16 years old. She has been a foster child since she was 12. Her parents died in a car accident the day after she turned 12. There was no family left to take her in, so she was forced to become a foster child. the foster home was across the street from her old house, so she was very grateful that they let her live in her old house even though she was alone. Her best friend was Niall Horan, they were neighbors. He was 2 years older than her, but they became bestfriends when she was 1 and he was 3. he tried out for the X Factor and made it and forgot about her. though he said he never would. How will she handle what has become of her life, being forgotten by everyone, having no friends, never feeling the safe and secure feeling that she so desperately needs since Niall to find out
No Hate this is my first movella and sorry for any spelling errors!!!


9. My little angel

Nialls Pov

I took her hand and brought her into my hotel room.. I went to everyones door and knocked on them and told them to meet me in the kitchen. Meanwhile Maise was making us lunch, man I'm so glad its almost done my stomach sounds like its dying. Liam came down and walked into the kitchen "Hey Niall what did yo- woah whos your friend?" "Oh this is Maisie, I will explain we when eat" Then Louis and Harry come down. Harry is carrying Louis and Louis is yelling random things "Foward Peasant! Jimmy protested! Whats for lunch? Carrots maybe?" I see Perrie running down the steps holding Zayn's hairbrush and Zayn running after her screaming "GIVE ME MY HAIR BRUSH!! PERRIE ITS NOT FUNNY!! LIAMMMM MAKE HER STOOPPPP!!!" he half yelled half whined. "I think this is a job for SUPERMAN!!!!" oh great now Louis is going to get more phsyco. He ran and jumped on Perrie and she shrieked "Zayn help me!!" "Noo!!!" he whined and grabbed his hair brush and locked it in his room. "Louis get off of Perrie for god sakes, Zayn go help your girlfriend up and be a nice boyfriend" Yep there goes daddy directioner "FIINE" they both pouted. I looked over at Harry and he was laying on the floor laughing with tears streaming down his red face. "Harry you look like a tomatoe get up!" Liam said while helping him get back up,which didnt last for long because he started laughing again and fell back down. I looked at Maise and she was giggling at the boys while finishing the food. She turned the stove off and put the salads into 7 bowls and put them in seven spots and put the dressings on the table. She had made BBQ chicken. She put 3 on a plate and handed it to me then out 3 on hers and laughed. "What are laughing about Maise?" "when we were kids we would always fight over food but now I dont have to steal yours!" she smiled and giggled. This is when every one else noticed her. "Whos she?" Louis asked "Maisie, I'll explain when we eat" i told Louis, he nodded.

"Okay guys....and girls" she said giggling reffering to herself and Perrie "time to eat I already put the salad on the table, Niall will you get the drinks?" i nodded and went to get everyone a glass of water. Everyone went and fot their chicken and sat down to their salads. Time to start explaing.....

~hour later~

I had told them everything and they all welcomed her and hugged her. This is going to be a great friendship between them all, and an even better relationship.....




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I want to know a little more about my readers soo heres some questions for you guys that are reading

1- how old are you? (im 14 almost 15)

2- whos your favorite out of the band (mines Niall)

3- favorite bromance? (Niam for me)

4- whats your favorite color? (mines pink)

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