You said you wouldn't forget....

Maisie Eryn Parker is 16 years old. She has been a foster child since she was 12. Her parents died in a car accident the day after she turned 12. There was no family left to take her in, so she was forced to become a foster child. the foster home was across the street from her old house, so she was very grateful that they let her live in her old house even though she was alone. Her best friend was Niall Horan, they were neighbors. He was 2 years older than her, but they became bestfriends when she was 1 and he was 3. he tried out for the X Factor and made it and forgot about her. though he said he never would. How will she handle what has become of her life, being forgotten by everyone, having no friends, never feeling the safe and secure feeling that she so desperately needs since Niall to find out
No Hate this is my first movella and sorry for any spelling errors!!!


11. Kiera and who?

Maisie's pov

We walked through the door of the boys hotel room. Louis, Perrie and Zayn were watching tv. "Hey! Where is Niall, Harry, and Liam?"

"oh Harry and Liam are in the kitchen trying to cook for all of us"

"Their so nice!!  But where's Niall?"

  "oh he's in there too, but he's trying to eat some of it. We gave up and came in here"
  "ohhhh and this is Kiera, my modeling friend"
  "nice to meet I'm Zayn "
  "hello Im Louis but you can call me SUPERMAN!!"
  "Louis that's not funny you were mean yesterday!! Oh and hello love I'm Perrie the one that's unfortunately dating Zayn! It would be better but he's more into his comb and gel!" she giggles
  "nice to meet you all but as you know I'm Kiera but you can call me Kir (Kee-Yer) if you want"
  "works for me Kir" Louis said smiling   we walked in to see Niall taped to the chair begging for food "what did you guys do to Niall!?" I half yelled and half laughed. I went to untie him but Harry tackled me. What is with these boys and tackling?   "Harry can you get off of me? And Kir please untie Niall and Niall be good or I will lock you in your room!" Harry got up and went to finish cooking while Kir untied niall and I just laid on the floor.   "Maise what are you doing?" Niall asked me   "we'll I cant really get up" I said shyly and he laughed   He helped me up and I introduced the rest of them to Kiera. Soon the food was ready and we all ate. I kept seeing Harry look at Kir and her looking at him. I am soo gettin them together!!   Everyone ate and me and Niall and Perrie did the dishes while the others went to do who knows what. But I knew it was trouble when I heard Liam tell Louis to act like he had a brain that there was company over. After the dishes me and Niall stayed in there and had a bit of a snogging session. Then we went into the living room to see kiera and Harry doing a bit of snogging themselves!
  "eww guys get a room" I laughed
  "hey we didn't interrupt you a second ago" Harry accused and I felt my cheeks burning red
  "besides I think it's ok to kiss my girlfriend!" Harry said smiling
  I pumped my fist in the air and did a little dance "I knew it I knew It I KNEW IT!!" I sang over and over again. Niall looked at me like i was insane and I started laughing. He just kept looking at me then started laughing himself because i was still dancing. Soon after we both were in a fit of giggles while Kir and Harry just stood there watching us like we were on drugs.     A/N   Hello my lovelies <333   I hope you all are doing well   Ha I sound sofisticated (note im not good at spelling thanks to a bit of dyslexia and im not even sure if i spelled that right but ya know i try!)   Soo i have more questions for you my lovelies   1- How many kids do you want when your older? (i want 4, first a boy Aiden, then twin girls Ava and Avery, then a boy which i want my husband to pick as long as dustin is his middle name)   2- what do you want to be when you get older? (I want to be either a model, a dancer, or a cosmetologist because everyone who has met me or has seen my nail work says its amazing and its a gift )   3- whats your best friends name? (mines Kaitlyn I love her to death! We tell eachother everything! even some things we wish the other wouldnt have told us)
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