the dream that came true

a girl named mellisa has met the love of her life, harrry Styles. Will her relationship last? how well will it go? until she wakes up and finds out that it was a dream.and then........


3. school

now i was at school and my first class was chemistry so i hopped to it. I sat down and is saw thee harry styles sitting next to me. he noticed me and started to look at me with his green eyes. i was so cute to him. class was over so i headed to math he sat next to me again and this time he started talking to me and told me that i was bueatiful he asked me out on a date for lunch tommorow and i said yes. obviously!


i asked out this bueatiful girl today i dont know her name thought. shoot and i forgot her # well i forgot to ask her for her number. but i know what she looks like so thats good. i wonder if she likes me as much as i like her. ahhh i better go home and pick out what i want to wear tommorow on my date!


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