the dream that came true

a girl named mellisa has met the love of her life, harrry Styles. Will her relationship last? how well will it go? until she wakes up and finds out that it was a dream.and then........


5. getting ready/date

.after i finished i walked out and put a towel around my body while and skipped to my room. I got my new outfit out of my bag and slipped it on. it was a tight red short dress with 4 golden buttons horizontal. and wore my golden miaechel kors gold high heel shoes. i put on my gold neckalace and my matching earings and braclet. i finally got my purse and did my hair and makeup. put some light makeup and red thick lipstick and curled my hair. when i finished i brushed my teeth and gargled mouth wash. I put on red nail polish. i got mints for later and put it in my purse and after i got a text from harry. Hazza: " i'm here come outside." ok i said and left the house.


When i saw her walking outside of her house shse looked bueatiful. It was like a saw an angel. she jumpd in my car and smiled aat me. i told her how bueatiful it was and she gigled and blushed. She told me to stop lying but i wasn't. i finally told her where we were going and she started jumping up and down. i told her we were going on a picnic by the beach. " but in the dark?" she asked me. Yup! i never told her why we were going at night but the reason was so i could kiss and she wouldnt know where i was and it was quiet. perfect right? when we got there we set the blanket and lit a candle to see eacthother. we ate and after i blew at the candle and went to go sneak up on her and kiss her. she thought i left  but i kissed her and she sat silent. it went amazing this dte was awesome. after i took her home I kissed  her on her front porch for a long time but then she stopped and opened her door really fast and closed it shut. then i got a text mellisa <3: thanks a lot for the date boyfriend, it was an amazing night. whoooo! she called me her boyfriend!!!! i danced on her lawn and ran through the street. she peeked through windows and i saw her so i started dancing like a fool. she closed her curtin. i guess she went to bed and thought. it started to ran and i was getting we so i decided to eave when i start walking to my car she runs to me and kisses me on the lips. we're kissing in the rain. how romantic is she? and then i went inside her house to get dry. i thought it was really nice ad fancy. she didnt have clothes that fit me but instead she gave me her older brothers clothes he left at her house one time.  we watched a movie and we fell asleep together on the coutch. She laid her head on my chest and i put my arm over her.

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