the dream that came true

a girl named mellisa has met the love of her life, harrry Styles. Will her relationship last? how well will it go? until she wakes up and finds out that it was a dream.and then........


4. getting ready


i was so excited to go on my date with my future boyfriend. i needed to find a cute outfit, it was an emergency so it was time to call back up.


" cassey i said you need to come to the mall with me i have a date tonight and it's a fashion emergency."on my way asap


great now i hopped in and drove. i pulled down the window in the wind was in my face


Once i got there i ran out of my car and my phone started to ring! i flipped and said Hello? " i'm at the store are you here yet." she said yea i'm walking in. I walked in and hugged her. I haven't seen my best friend in months. We bothed eeched! and smiled and laughed. now it was time for the shopping. Cassey would pick stuff and hold it out infront of me and we'd shop till we dropped till it was time for my date. We finally finished and we left the mall. I promised Cassey i'd tell her the news after my date. We were like sisters but now i had t go home and get ready.


When i got hme i started to get out of the car and take off my shoes in the front lawn. I got my keys and unlocked the door. I went to the bathroom when i suddenly got a text from harry. Hazza:  i'll be there in 30 minutes. oh no! i only have 30 minutes! i hopped into the shower and felt the hot steamed water fall on my back. i felt relaxed. i shampooed and conditioned and put body wash on my body.

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