the dream that came true

a girl named mellisa has met the love of her life, harrry Styles. Will her relationship last? how well will it go? until she wakes up and finds out that it was a dream.and then........


2. dream

dream dream dream!!!! i told myself as i was falling asleep.


finallly i'm asleep! THANK THE LORD! lets get this dream started. i realized nothing was happening i thought I was in a nigtmare. Then suddenly i see a bright light shinning towards me i said Jesus is that you?" No i am not your father I am the thee Harry Styles the one an only." Really? " yes and i know we just met and all but will you........" is he asking me to marry him? " go out with me?" yes yes YES, Harry just kiss me already! " ok." he was coming towards me and then he got closer and closer but then i heard an alarm clock.

                                               RING RING RING!!!

Ahh! i hate that alarm it ruined my dream i guess nextime i have to get ready for college uhh! i'm going to be late! i yawned and then got up from my bed. i was happy and sad because i don't have to wear a uniform bad the sad part was that i had to wake up. Anyway i woke up and went to my closet " What do i wear i asked myself." Ah! i got it! i decided to wear my ralph lauren buttoned down top that made me look like a teacher and my ralph lauren matching skirt with a bow used for a belt. Then i would wear my white tights with my navy blue heels and my gold colored purse. what a cute outfit! i know i know i sound rich thats because i earned the money myself by birthday money and my job that pays a lot! 100 dollars an hour. it's not an easy life but someone has to live it. Anyway after i got ready and brushed my teeth and curled by brown hair i went downstairs and had my omlete for breakfast. It was almost time to leave so i needed to go. I went outside locked my door and hopped in my red mustang. Nice ride huh? i started the engine and drove off like lighting. I turned on my radio and started to sing i wish by 1D " i would buy lots of rings clothes shoes diamond rings." oh i'm here time for class!! I go to FGC so pretty!!!

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