The Best Year Ever

My name is Anna and I was just a loser until my best friends and I took a trip to London and Met One Direction when we all got stuck in the London Eye for 13 hours. Read my story to see what happend.


5. What Just Happened


Niall's P.O.V

             I asked Anna to marry me about 20 minutes ago and she hasn't answered.

 "Anna. Are you ok?"

 "No Niall I'm not. 1 second you're mad at me and don't wanna talk and then out of nowhere you want to marry me?"

 "Anna. You really don't remember me?"
"Umm. I know you are Niall Horan from One Direction. But that's it. Sorry."

"Anna, What happened to you."

"Niall what are you talking about?"

"Where was the first place you remember living??"

"Umm Hollywood. Why?"

"Because the first place you lived was Mullingar, Ireland."

"Then why don't I have an Irish accent?"

"Anna. I really don't know. I wish you did, but you don't."{
"So lets see how much I 'don't know'"

"Who was your first kiss?"

"Umm.... Oh yeah this really sweet kid named Justin." She turns red and smiles. Ugh.

"No Anna I was."


"Yeah. Are you a vergin??" She just looks at me like 'Why would he ask me that'

"Ummm... Yes I am. You??"

"Anna no you aren't and neither am I."

"What. I don't even know my first time and you." She starts to break down. I hate seeing her cry. And how are the boys still sleeping through this. That's when it hit me. Her parents said she was hit by a car when they moved to Hollywood. She has memory loss. I know what I have to do maybe.

"Anna I love you." I leaned in and kissed her. I'm scared. What if she doesn't kiss back? What if she doesn't care? Then she finally started to kiss back. After what felt like forever, we pulled away. She was smiling and so was I.

"Niall I love you too. and Yes."

"Yes what."

"Yes I will marry you Ni." I smiled. She remembers.





Sorry it's short so i'm just gonna write a bunch of short ones. And please ignore the spelling/grammatical errors. And please read my other Fan-Fiction You're Irresistible.

P.S. I hoped you liked it....:) ;) 


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