The Best Year Ever

My name is Anna and I was just a loser until my best friends and I took a trip to London and Met One Direction when we all got stuck in the London Eye for 13 hours. Read my story to see what happend.


7. The start of forever


Anna's POV

** 1 Year Later**


I walked out of my Flat in London wearing one of Niall's Hoodies and dark blue skinny jeans. I turn the corner and see a magazine stand that I always go to. Every cover One Direction. Same as always. Then something catches my eye.  "Niall Horan's Girlfriend in a band??" It shows a picture of My bands cover of Me and My Girls by Fifth Harmony. My band is called Pretty and Perfect. In it is Sarah, Leah, Megan and me. We are a huge YouTube success. I feel my phone go off in my pocket. I Pull it out and answer. It's Niall.

(A= Anna, N= Niall)

A- Hey babe what's up

N- I have good and bad news

A- Give me bad first

N- I'm going on Tour

A- Oh

N- But Simon said he wants Pretty & Perfect to open for us.

A- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have to ask the girls.

N- Ok. Tet me later. Love you.

A- Love you too.

*****Phone convo over*****

I have to call the girls. You know I'll text them to meet me at Starbucks.

******At Starbucks******

"So Anna why did you need us?" Megan asks me.

"Well Niall called me and said they are going on tour." I say

"Yeah we know." They all say.

"And Simon wants us to open for them." I say and they start screaming. This is the start of my life.



There are like 3 or 4 chapters left. I'm most likely gonna make a sequel, but it depends on how many people want one. Sorry for the really slow updates im really busy and i can't update on my phone.


~ Anna



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