The Best Year Ever

My name is Anna and I was just a loser until my best friends and I took a trip to London and Met One Direction when we all got stuck in the London Eye for 13 hours. Read my story to see what happend.


6. I am sooooo Dead



Anna's POV


"Yes I will marry you Ni." I say. I don't completely remember him, but i remember those lips. That kiss just felt like they were supposed to be on mine. Like they belonged to me and I felt like I could trust the person they belonged to. I felt just so right.

"Wait what? Anna did you just say yes?" He said and I saw a smile grow on your face. I moved closer to him. I stared into his blue eyes and saw love, hope, and the boy I fell in with. I lean in and kiss him again. I feel the shock run across his face, but it goes away. and he finally enjoys the kiss. About five minutes we break away because I hear someone getting up. It's Sarah.

"Anna why were you just making out with Niall???" She says with her eyes wide open, Still in Harry's arms.

"Umm. Well.." I said I don't wanna tell her me and Niall are dating. I mean wouldn't it be weird.

"We are dating." Niall says then I elbow him in the balls. "OW!!" He woke everyone up. Ugh.

"What is going on." The all said at the same time.

"Well Niall said something so I elbowed him in the balls. Simple."

"ANNA!!!" All the girls say. "That's not how you get him to marry you." Niall and I start laughing, and so does Sarah.

"Um about that.." I was interrupted by an announcement

                      Thank you for your patience we will now be letting you all out. Thank you and have a nice day.

 Wow they were early. I rolled over on top of Niall and Just started kissing him. Forgetting everything except for Niall. The beautiful, talented, sweet, amazing Niall. I could tell Niall didn't want to let me go either. Harry and Sarah had to pull me off of Niall. I mean I got my baby back. I wasn't letting go. EVER.



 idk when I can update again. Love you all. Give me ideas

my kik: 1dprincess14


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