The Best Year Ever

My name is Anna and I was just a loser until my best friends and I took a trip to London and Met One Direction when we all got stuck in the London Eye for 13 hours. Read my story to see what happend.


4. Boy Band Brats


This is like really cool i can't believe people are actually reading this and sorry the update took so long. I was grounded so here it is. and let me know some names i can use.






Anna's P.O.V.


Why did I lie to him? I mean I guess I thought it would make it better, but i guess It didn't. Well I don't know because he is still holding me, but won't talk to me. I guess I could try to make the first move.

"Niall?" I said in a shaky voice

"What Anna?" the tone of his voice stung my heart. It was cold and loveless.

"I'm sorry."

"Really?" He laughed "'Cause you didn't seem sorry when you lied to me saying you liked us a little."

"Niall I'm sorry. Ok here I love One Direction, my favorites in the band are you and Harry, I am the president of your fan club, and I most likely know more about you guys than you do, and last the reason we are here in London is to meet you and get you to fall in love with us. Now I'm gonna go over next to Sarah and stay out of your way." I can feel the tears pushing at the back of my eye trying to fight their way out. No i have to stay strong Niall will not get me to cave in and cry. I haven't cried since my mom died when I was 13. I go to get up, but he grabs my arm.

"Anna don't go I'm sorry for being a stuck up boy. Please stay." He says I swear he knows exactly what to say to get me to fall all over him.

"Fine. But you owe me." I say. He really doesn't. I'm the one who lied to him. He pulls out his phone and starts typing on it. Typical boy avoiding the problem by Tweeting or Texting someone. 7 seconds later I get a notification for Twitter. I open it, Niall said:


@Annaluv. I'm sorry. I have never felt like this before and just wanted to tell the world. I am in Love with Anna OIiver and no one and nothing will ever change that. And if Anna will forgive me I really would like to get to know her. Anna I


That's when the tweet cut out. Stupid Twitter. I turn around and kiss him for real this time like a real long kiss neither one of us pulled away. I felt like i could stay like that forever.

"So Anna is that a yes." He says

"Of course I forgive you." I said how could i not.

"No the question I asked you."

"You didn't ask me a question" I said cause he didn't

"Ok then here it is..." He looks away


"Anna will you marry me?"





I had alot of fun writing that chapter and I hope you guys like it. I wont be able to update again til next week.


1. What do u think Anna will say. I mean she is only 16.

2. What do you think the rest of the band is gonna say.

3. And what do u think their manager's gonna say.

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