The Best Year Ever

My name is Anna and I was just a loser until my best friends and I took a trip to London and Met One Direction when we all got stuck in the London Eye for 13 hours. Read my story to see what happend.


1. My Dream Come True

Anna's P.O.V.

I've been in London for 1 week now and today Leah, Megan, Sarah and I all decided to go to the London Eye. We all have different reasons for coming. Leah and Sarah's is to try to stalk One Direction. Megan's is to see a play in a cinema. On the other hand I just want to ride in the London Eye. I got everyone up at 6 am. They were a little pissed but i woke them up with One Direction talking so they were good. We walked out I was in a pink floral sundress with no straps, Leah had jean shorts and a One Direction shirt, Sarah had on jean shorts that she had signed like 100 times by Harry Styles and a blue strapless top, and Megan is like me in a blue strapless floral dress. About 20 minutes. later we got there, we got on and I heard a guy with a sexy British accent. I turn around and see One Direction. I'm like freaking out. One Direction is on a The London Eye with me. I look around. I see Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Megan, Leah, and Sarah attached to Harry Styles. Of course.

"Umm. Do I know you?" Harry says.

"You signed my shorts. See." Sarah pointed at them. I could tell he recognized her he quickly backed away from her.

"I''m Anna." I said to break the tension.

"I'm Niall. This is Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry."

"Um. Yeah I know." as I said that my phone rings.

Girl if every time we

Touch uch uch

You get this kind of

rush ush ush

I picked it up before it played more. "Hey Blake I'm kinda busy. Whats up.'

"Is it true you are on the London Eye with One Direction!!!!" Shes flipping out. How would she know. I had my phone on speaker so the girls could hear. I looked at them. They had no clue. I went on Twitter I saw Niall Horan tweeted 'On the London Eye with the prettiest girl in the world.:)" I scrool down and see a picture of me. I tweet Niall "You think I'm pretty?"

"Anna? You there?"

"Yeah. Um since when do you have a Twitter?" Niall looked over "Blake got to go I'll text you." Then I hung up.

"Hi Niall. do you have a Twitter."

"Um yes. I thought you would know that i mean being a Directioner and all."

"Is yours @NiallOfficial?"

"Yeah. Is yours @AnnaLuv."

"Yeah mine is. Do you really think I'm pretty?"

"Yeah I do." He said that and blushed. I smiled and turn my head. I look out the side and see we are stopped at the top.

"Look at the view it's so pretty." I say with so much fascination. About a minute later I hear a voice through the speaker.

"Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry to say, but we are having technical difficulties and the ride will be stuck for 24 hours. There are emergency supplies in a compartment on the right side of the car. Have a nice day."

"WHAT THE HAYLOR IS GOING ON I WANTED TO GO SHOPPING TODAY NOT BE STUCK ON A STUPID RIDE!!!!!!!!!" I scream and plug my earbuds in and sit in a corner. I look through my ipod and see my calm me down playlist. The first song is 'Kiss You' by One Direction. When it is over I get up and say "Sorry I'm just really mad like I wanted to complete my list of stuff to do in London and now I won't."

Niall walks over and looks me in the eye. Wow he really does like me. "What was on your list Love."

"Well:    1. Ride on The London Eye     2. Meet One Direction     3. Fall in Love    4. Kiss a guy under the Moonlight    5. Go shopping alot       6. Go partying    7.Have fun."

"Well you've accomplished 1 and 2."

"Yeah I guess. Is anyone else cold in here."

"No." They all replied at the same time. Zayn walks over.

"Here we don't want you to freeze do we." When he says that I giggle. His jacket is so warm. His eyes are the color of chocolate and his hair is dark brown with a streak of sunshine. The only thing that turns me off is he smokes. "Thank you Zayn." Niall was getting mad I saw a tweet from @NiallOfficial 'Will you go out with me? I know I have only known you for about 10 minutes, but I think I like you.'

I reply 'Yes only if you come hold me. I'm still cold.' Niall walks over picks me up and holds me. I giggle. Not a sweet haha giggle, but a cute flirty giggle. Niall turns his head and kisses me on the nose it is his thing. I feel like I could stay here forever.


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