Hide in the Shadows

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Parker that has been put up for a quest to do well, you'll see!

**Auther's Note**
I put a lot of my thoughts into my book(s) so I hope you like it!
-Bailee :3


2. Chapter Two:Hide in the Shadows~Crazy Lady

**Parker's POV**
"Hey!" Someone yells behind me. I can tell its a girl sounding to be around the age of five and turn around to see just that. "Whats wrong with your eyes?" She asks pointing to them. Her eyes are a very dull gray color. "What do you mean?" Just ask I say that, she gives me a smile and disappears.

I turn back to the mirror to look at them again. They've changed.I now see that I have thick coats of black eyeliner and mascara, making my eyes look even brighter. "Sorry for my daughters behavior." A lady dressed in white says to me. I see her reflection in the mirror I have been standing in front of the whole time. I turn around one again."She is not used to seeing the undead." She explains. "What do you mean undead?" I question. "Oh, Sweety." She chuckles, "You aren't dead yet!" "What do you mean YET?" I exclaim. "Like the doctor said, you are in a coma." She smiles stroking the hair of my lifeless body laying on the bed. "Why am I in a coma?" I ask. "Because I put you in it." She winks, "I needed your help with something. My son is still alive. I, of course, am dead. He has been depressed since my death. I constantly watch him cut himself, and I cant do anything about it. But you can. Since you aren't completely dead you can make him stop and come with me!" She says excitedly. "What are you saying?" I ask again. "You have to kill my son." She announced. "What?!?!"

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