Hide in the Shadows

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Parker that has been put up for a quest to do well, you'll see!

**Auther's Note**
I put a lot of my thoughts into my book(s) so I hope you like it!
-Bailee :3


3. Chapter Three:Hide in the Shadows~Recoil

**Parker's POV**

I am paralyzed from the words that have just exited from the woman's mouth. I have never hit anyone! Let alone kill! The woman pulls up my sweatshirt sleeve to reveal multiple scars and blood stains. "I know you cut, you understand the pain hes gone and going through." How does she know that my father died? Has she seen him? Does she know him? Does she know what had happened to both him and me? Does she know that I think it was my fault? Does she know what both me and my mother had tried, put failed horribly.Does she know?

**Auther's Note**

Sorry for the short chapters! I update more often then most writers on here so the chapters shouldn't be that long, other wis you would have ALOT to read!

-Bailee :3

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