Hide in the Shadows

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Parker that has been put up for a quest to do well, you'll see!

**Auther's Note**
I put a lot of my thoughts into my book(s) so I hope you like it!
-Bailee :3


4. Chapter Four:Hide in the Shadows~In the Past

**Three years ago**

**Parker's POV**

I look over at my mother, she exhales deeply. I hold a knife to my throat, and a rope around hers. I slice it open and i feel blood pouring out. I can barely breathe.I look over at my mother who has kicked over the chair. She's touching the ground and is breathing fine. Her face is calm, but here eyes say different. She knows it was a mistake for letting my kill myself, even thought I did't die.


**Auther's note**

Sorry, I won't be writing until Friday night becasue I got grounded, my parents aren't awake now so I'm not getting in real trouble!Sorry the chapter's so short! I'm in a hurry. I'm tired! 

-Bailee :3

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