Hide in the Shadows

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Parker that has been put up for a quest to do well, you'll see!

**Auther's Note**
I put a lot of my thoughts into my book(s) so I hope you like it!
-Bailee :3


5. Chapter Five:Hide in the Shadows~Falling

**Parker's POV**

She said that Josh would see me as a human and that I would have to gain his trust then kill him. But I have to wonder... is she really his mother? Or is she a demon? What about the little girl? Was that his sister?

"You're on your way!" she says pushing me over. I thought I would hit the ground, so I braced for impact. Instead I fall into a never-ending black hole. Then after some falling, I hit the ground. Hard.

Somehow, I ended up in a backyard. I yelp in pain because when I touched my lega spark ran through it. A voice popped into my head saying, "You have a month to kill him. He can see you now, since you have been turned into a human." It was the same female voice I had talked to earlier face-to-face. "Who's there?" A guy whom I suppose is Josh asks. "I'm sorry." I pause, "I fell." "Fell from where?" He questions. "I don't know..." I answer cautiously. "Okay, why don't you come in? You probably have a concution." He helps me up and leads me into a small but spatious kitchen. "Here." He hands me a small bag of ice to hold to my head, but instead I hold it to my knee. "What are you doing?" He asks eyeing the ice pack. "I hurt my knee." I day shyly. "Anyway, I'm Josh." He reaches out to shake my hand. I grab it and say, "I'm parker."


**Auther's Note**

Hey guys! Right now I'm at school. When I get home I have to go to my Uncles' birthday parties. So when my mother drops me off at my house I'm probably going to update. I might not if I get too tired

-Bailee :3

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