Hide in the Shadows

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Parker that has been put up for a quest to do well, you'll see!

**Auther's Note**
I put a lot of my thoughts into my book(s) so I hope you like it!
-Bailee :3


1. Chapter One:Hide in the Shadows~Learning

**Parker's POV**

"I'm afraid she's gone into a coma." The doctor states to my mother. She bursts into tears uncontrollably. But I don't understand? Why would he say that? I'm right here, right in front of them."Doctor." I whisper in his ear, "I am right here. What are you talking about?" His face gets pale. I then look over to where is eyes have drifted, my face. Not the face that I am using to move around the hospital, the pasty, lifeless one. The one that is attached to the dead-looking body on a hospital bed. 'But that means.' I think to myself, 'I'm dead.'

That explains why my mother's crying, the doctors face that went pale when I spoke to him. I'm gone, forever. But where's this 'Heaven' that everyone talks about? Why haven't I gone to paradise yet? I've always been a good girl. Always have listened to my mother and father, never disrespected them or any of my elders.

I walk up to a mirror. I don't see the doctor or my mother in it. I see long, black,curly hair, and another pale face. What surprises me the most is my eyes. They've always been blue, but not now. They shine a bright green with a hint of red. 'Weird.'

**Authors Note**

Hi guys! This is my new book called 'Hide in the Shadows' as you probably already know. I'm not really new here so I just wanted to say 'Hi!' and I hope you liked the first chapter!

-Bailee :3 

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