The Flower Project

Just a support thing I have started.


2. The Flower Project

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So, in the chapter before this, I told you guys why this is so close to my heart and why I started this. But now I want to go deeper. I'm starting this for a sign of hope and a sign of strength. You girls AND GUYS are SO strong! You have so much more strength and potential than you give yourself credit for. It's so hard to unlock it, but once you do, you feel on top of the world. Does that mean that the urges will go away? No, and they never will no matter how much hope and how much strength you have unlocked. That sounds harsh but I'm not going to lie to you guys or sugar coat it. Me writing this chapter on January 2, 2013, I have been 4 days without bingeing, 6 days without starving and 20 days without purging. That isn't a large time span but it's still really good. There are days to where I have to sit myself down and force myself to eat breakfast. But it's even harder to find the normal amount of food when you would starve AND binge. It's very hard. But The Flower Project is a supporter that doesn't care how long the time span is, it is just me, who will always be there. I won't ever say 'Sorry' because to be honest, Sorry sucks! I hate hearing sorry. TFP is something that will always be here for you no matter what. Its a personal choice. I haven't been to rehab so I don't know the proper way to deal with this, but I know how to deal with it by strength and encouragement, and by passing on that strength and encouragement. I know how to deal with it by support and hope, and that is what TFP does. It supports YOU not your addictions and it gives YOU hope. The reason why I said YOU and not your addictions is because TFP cares about the person and see's the person and wants to treat the person and not encourage the addiction. We support you, but not by giving you a crutch to continue your addiction. I don't even know why I'm saying 'we' when it is really ONLY me at TFP...
So now, I'm going to let you know the rules, more in detail.
Whenevr you want to get sober or are tempted by your eating disorders you draw a flower on your wrist. Now that you have that flower there, it symbolizes hope and encouragement and strength. Whenever you are tempted while the flower is still there you just look at it and you see all the people who want you to stay strong and all the people who want you to get better, 'All the people' being friends, family and TFP(me). If you do purge, binge, starve yourself, feel guilt after a meal, ect. while the flower is on your wrist then you have killed it. Yes, I know, this is easier said than done. But nothing is ever easy, but everything is possible. You can not scrub/wash of the flower, it has to naturally fade away. Once the flower is faded that means you have strength and hope, it doesn't mean you are healed because you will never be healed, eating disorders are something that you take to your grave. Now that you have the restoration of hope and strength, every time you see a flower or a picture of a flower, you will or should be reminded of what you have overcome. It will remind you that you are strong. Eating disorders are like black clouds. So is any other addiction. But they are like black clouds that could pop up at anytime. But always remember that YOU are the sunlight. Now the only choice is: Are you gonna let those black clouds take away your sunlight? You make the decision. 
I am always here to talk. On Quotev Tumlbr and Twitter and TFP email
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The Flower Project (Don't have a personal, sorry! But I follow back so you can DM me and I will get back with you)Twitter: @TFPoficialTFP
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Thank you babes! I am ALWAYS here to talk. My name is Rayna bu the way. Stay Strong!!! I Will Always Love You No Matter What!!!! 

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