I Thought it Was Love

Poem :)


1. I Thought it Was Love

I thought it was real love,

A treasure I would not dare let go of,

But indeed I was wrong,

And of course it did not last very long,

For I was still young,

Believed everything that rolled off his tongue,

His every sweet word,

A whirring thrill in my stomach spurred.


His phone chirped loudly,

As a snake lay unknowingly proudly,

A message from hell,

A certain madame, a cheap mademoiselle,

Certainly I knew,

The depth of what I was about to do,

The weight in my hand,

Spontaneous ideas I had planned.


I sneaked up behind,

Implicit rage suppressed within my mind,

Obliged by decree,

With a feeling of uncouth ectasy,

The trigger was pulled,

Annoyance at how I had been so fooled.

The world exploded,

And inside, my heart with joy imploded .

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