Fresh Start for me.

Madison was supposed to go shopping afterschool... that is until her friend Amber forgets about her in the school parking lot. So that means she has to go with her sister Abby to go study at Abby's friend's house. Little does she know this was all planned... Not the Amber leaving her at school though, just the going to abby's friend's. Abby's friends name is Greg. His little brother is Niall. What will happen when they meet?
This movella is from the beginning, from like before the Xfactor audition, but as the chapters move on he goes to the audition.


12. You and El, Hey Lou?

(Eleanor's POV}

I was just on  my way to mr Horan's house. Maddy had sent me a text a couple of days ago saying she wanted me to meet someone. Which meant that she was still trying to set me up. For the thousandth time already. I hope she's right. *sigh*  I was in my car when all of a sudden  What Makes You Beautiful came on. I blasted it as I stopped at a pair if red lights. I sang/yelled the song the whole rest of the way to Madison's Boyfriend's house. (AKA THE ONE AND ONLY NIALL HORAN) I got a video attached with a text saying "You two are really gonna hit it off I can just tell. This vidoe is of your future boyfriend by the way." then I opened the video and sure enough there was mr Louis Tomlinson. Dancing around and sing/screaming WMYB while playing Just Dance 4. I laughed really hard. The text was from Madison but I really don't know how she thinks the famous Louis Tomlinson from One Direction would even notice me. Like come on. Whatever. I mean I was okay looking... But I don't think Lou would like me. I went up to the door, seeing I was there, I could'nt turn back noe, I had promised Madison. *Deeep breaaattthhh* "Here goes nothing" I said to myself and knocked on the door.

{Louis's POV}

The rest of the gang left for some strange reason. Liam went to Danielle's. Zayn went to Perrie's. Madison and Niall left to the Movies or something. And Harry... well he just left. They all just left me to fend for myself. Those meanies. HEY! At least I still have Poncho! "Ponchoooooooo!! Come here boy! POOONNNNCCHHHHOOO!!" I was sitting there yelling for Niall's dog when I remembered where harry went. He took Poncho to a dog park... when alll of a sudden.. *BLAM BLAM BLAM* Were we expecting someone??? I was wearing sweats but... maybe it was just one of the boys. Ugh whatever. TOOOO MUCH THINKING!! "WHOOO IS IT!!??" I yelled in a grandma-ish voice and went and opened the door to a beautiful brunette looking at me funny and she just started laughing at me. How nice. I think I was going to get along great with her. Once she stopped laughing she said "I must have the wrong house sorry sir." She said trying not to crack a smile and just as she was starting to walk away I yelled after her "Wait who are you? Who are you looking for?" she turned around with a smirk on her face. "My name is none of your buisness mister. And I came here looking for my cousin Madison and her boyfriend Niall" Come to think of it Madison mentioned something about her cousin coming over to meet us. "OHHHH. WELL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PLACE! NIALLL AND MADDIIISSSOON AND EVERYONE ELSE JUST LEFT ME HERE STRANDED! They should be back soon." I said. I yelled the first part to show how angry i was pretending to be. I started to fake pout I loved her sense of humor. She started walking over to me "AWWWWWW POOR BABY!!! Why would they leave you here by yourself, ecspecially when I'm coming over! Shall we go make a mess inside to show how dumb they are to leave you here alone?" she said. I smiled "You just read my mind!! Wait what's your name? So you know I can blame all of this on you when they get back." she just laughed at me "Nu uh Lou. Sorry. You'll just have to wait. and before you get freaked out that I know your name. My cousin told me." I just nodded, "To the mess making!" I said in my superman voice.

(Eleanor's POV)
I think I do like Louis... haha we are exactly the same. We had just finished making  a total mess when everyone walked in. When they seen the mess their mouths dropped to the floor when all of a sudden Harry started yelling "LOUIS!! WAT DID YOU DO TO OUR....wait... who are you?" he asked pointing at me and Madison ran up to me and hugged me "Ell!!!! you're here!" then she whhispered "don't think i'm letting you blame all this on Lou I know it was your idea." Oh. She knew me all to well. She turned around to introduce me.. "Guys. Danielle. This is my cousin Eleanor! I brought her here so she could hook up with  Lou because, as you can see in the house, They are the sa-" Then Lou interrupted "OH YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU MADISON! AND EL, LOVE? You need to help me clean this up!" He yelled and ran overand gave me a puppy dog face "How could anyone resist that face! Of course I'll help you Lou!' I yelled hugging him dramatically. I heard Liam? mumble "You guys are like the same person. Me and Lou laughed and skipped away and we heard then laughing at us. Then Lou broke the silence "I do like you. Your really funny, and extremely beautiful." I blushed "You are not to shabby yourself. Your really cute, and LOVE the suspenders babe!" Calling people babe was my thing I guess. We finished cleaning up and I called Madison since I was alone. "Madison, Babe?" "Whatcha need?" She asked when she was upstairs with me. "You were right. Me and Lou totally hit it off. He likes me and I like him... so THANK YOU!!!" I yelled giving her a bear hug. "OKay our welcome, Now. one last thing. LOU!!!!" she yelled he was upstairs in a second "WHHHHAAAATTTTTT MADISON DARLING!" He yelled Madison just laughed at him. "Take your girlfriend to the movies nd make it official. There's no reason to wait. You two are perfect for eachother!" She yelled and me and Lou left to eat.

(Madison's POV)

When El and Lou left I ran downstairs and ran over to the couch and jumed on Niall Smiling like crazy "Babe? Whats up with you?" Niall asked me with a smirk on his face "WELL OUR LITTLE CARROT MAN IS GOING TO AVE A GIRLFRIEND BY THE TIME HE COMES HOME!" I yelled at evryone Dani got up and came and hugged me I pointed at Harry "Now all thats left is youuu!!" I yelled at him he just pointed back and yelled "OH YEAH? WELL I HAVE PONCHO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" We all laughed and started to watch a movie. We were watching toystory three.... Again. I felt tired so I layed my head down on Niall's shoulder and heard him whisper into my ear "You tired babe?" I looked up at him and shook my head and spoke loud enough for Liam to hear me. "No, Ni. Just bored, seeing as we've watched this movie about  A BILLION TIMES!" I yelled looking straight at Liam who started to pout and looked at Dani for defence but she just looked at him and said "I'm going to have to agree with her on this one babe. I'm sorry. I know you love toystory but, you should try something else. Like Scooby Doo or something. that way we would'nt have to watch only three." He just pouted even more and turned away and everyone chuckled. "Well.... Since Lou nor El are'nt back yet im going to sleeep. Night everyone!" I got up and Niall said "yeahh me too, you guys are boring me." He grabbed my hand and we walked up to our room. "I'm gonna shower Ni."I told him and went to go shower when I got pulled around to face him and he kissed my cheek, and whispered "Me too." I just blushed and we went and had a shower. Nothing happened in the shower but you sick minded people reading this can think whatever they wanna think happened in there.

(Niall's POV)

We just got out of the shower, Yes WE. I showered with Madison. Nothing happened I swear. We got into our pjs and layed in bed, I pulled her really close to me and she cuddled into me. She had told me while we were in the shower that her stepdad got locked up for killing his girlfriend and has a life sentence so we won't be hearing from him again, which made her happy. She still had bruises alll ove, even some I didnt know about, apparentlyhe kicked and punched her in the stomach. I was a little upset she had'nt told me, but its over now. She cuddled up to me and we entertwined our legs as she turned around facing me and kissed me, when she pulled back we were'nt kissing but our lips were brushing constantly when "I love you Niall." Simple as that. "I love you too Madison" I kissed her forhead. One hand in hers, the other on her back holding her close to me. She was mine, No one was ever going to take her away from me, and if they did, they would be seriously hurt. I loved her so much. I kissed her forehead one more time and we fell asleep all cuddled up. This is how I wanted it to be. Me and her. Always. Forever. I Smiled and fell asleep.


Hello Lovelies!!! Pleasseeee commmennnnttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wannt to know what you guys think of my story!!! It would mean a whole lot!! BAI GUISE!!!

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