Fresh Start for me.

Madison was supposed to go shopping afterschool... that is until her friend Amber forgets about her in the school parking lot. So that means she has to go with her sister Abby to go study at Abby's friend's house. Little does she know this was all planned... Not the Amber leaving her at school though, just the going to abby's friend's. Abby's friends name is Greg. His little brother is Niall. What will happen when they meet?
This movella is from the beginning, from like before the Xfactor audition, but as the chapters move on he goes to the audition.


9. Wait..... WTF????

(Niall's POV)

She had been in there for over a half hour... what was taking her so long? I was pulled away from thinking when I heard somone yell and a door slam. I looked the door and seen Madison running back to the car, she was bawling. What happened in there? She got in the car and continued to cry her eyes out. I pulled her over to me so she sat on my lap, she just cried into my shoulder and noticed her hand on her stomach and red on her face. WHAT THE HELL DID THAT THING DO TO HER?! "M-m-maa-d- Madison babe?" I said to her, she just looked up at me with teary eyes, a puffy lip and a bleeding cheek. "Yeah?" she answered putting a fake smile on her face "Don't smile like that. What happened in there?" she just crawled back to her seat and put her belt on. "Can we just go back Ni? I'll tell you there...." she trailed off.. "Uhh.. okay I guess" I answered.

(Madison's POV)

I felt like such a baby running back to the car like that. I didn't want to tell Niall at my stepdad's house because he would get so mad and probably end up getting hurt, I don't want him hurt because of me. We came to his house and he turned ff the ignition. "Are you going to tell me what happened to you now?" he said sounding a tad agitated, I sighed and told him what happened in Chris's house. He looked furious, this is why I did'nt tell him at the house. "Why didn't you tell me when you first got in the car?!!" He asked sounding hurt and confused "I.. I just... You look so mad right now.. I would'nt... want you to go back in there and get of.. m.. me.." I said looking away embarrassed, then I heard Niall get out and soon enough he was sitting in the passenger seat with me on his lap. "I AM MAD!!! Oh.. I'm... I'm sorry Madison I did'nt mean to yell... How could he do that to you!!! I'm just...  can't I don't even know how.... Your just so innocent.. Is that why you and Abbby have been at my house so long?"

(Niall's POV)

WHO WOULD DO THAT!!!!! ECSPECIALLY TO THEIR OWN DAUGHTER!!! She has no idea how mad I am at him.... I wonder how long this has happened for......  I fell in love next to you, burning fires in this room, it just fits, light and smooth, like my feet in my shoe, Little one fly with me, sew your heart to my sleeve,We'll stay quiet underneath shooting stars if it helps you sleep, Hold me tight dont let me breathe, feeling like you won't believe,as a firefly, lives tonight better catch it 'fore it burns this place down'  Firefly by Ed Sheeran came on in the car and I sang into her ear instantly calming her down, which calmed me down.. don't get me wrong I was still pissed off. What are the boys gonna think.... Oh god. "Babe? You dont have to talk to the boys until tomorrow if you want" she looked up and smiled "I don't want to be rude to our guests but I just want to go to bed" she said shyly and looked down. I tipped her chin back up to look me in the eyes and kissed her, she grabbed my neck and we kissed harder until....

(Louis's POV)

I knew they came back. I stood outside, they were deep in conversation and then they started kissing... just on impulse? I hope... If he took a look in my brain.. he would kill me with no warning... all this thinking about Madison. Anyway they started kissing I yelled "PLEASE!!! OH GOD! MY EYES! NO PDA AROUND LOU!!!" Madison laughed and climbed back to her side of the car? and got out and ran up to me.. what happened to her.. "Aww Lou! You want a kiss too?" she said sounding childish.. I wish she could kiss me like she kissed Niall... I just crossed my arms and looked away but she kissed my cheek anyway and ran inside, and yelled goodnight to the boys... wait.. Goodnight? I checked my watch.. 5:10? okay whatever floats her boat I guess... I think I like her more than I think I do. "Niall.... what happened to her face, mate?" he just looked down and started to cry.. this can't be good.

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