Fresh Start for me.

Madison was supposed to go shopping afterschool... that is until her friend Amber forgets about her in the school parking lot. So that means she has to go with her sister Abby to go study at Abby's friend's house. Little does she know this was all planned... Not the Amber leaving her at school though, just the going to abby's friend's. Abby's friends name is Greg. His little brother is Niall. What will happen when they meet?
This movella is from the beginning, from like before the Xfactor audition, but as the chapters move on he goes to the audition.


2. Video Camera?

(Greg's POV)

When Abby and her sister (who's name I do not know yet) pulled up I was sitting on the porch, as soon as she cut the engine I went and said hello. I gave Abby a quick hug and hello , but then I noticed her sister was with her because her "friend" left her- some friend- and I must say, she was really pretty, like really really pretty-NO! Greg what are you thinking!!! She is too young and she is for Niall. Thats what the study day was about, A few weeks ago we set up a camera downstairs so wecan see whats happening down there. I was snapped away from my thoughts when Abby's sister said "I'm shy too" I needed to know her name, I wasn't ging to keep referring to her as 'Abby's sister' "Excuse me love, but, I dont know your name. Would you mind if i asked?" she looked surprised "Oh! How could I be so silly! Ofcourse! I'm- my name is Madison, Maddy for short" she said "Well hello! I'm Greg, now we should probably get inside, the wind is starting to pick up" even though there was no wind I still said that. When we got inside Niall was doing the usual, sitting on the couch stuffing his face. "NIALL!!! We have company, and in fact they are two very nice ladies" Abby laughed at this.

(Nialls POV)

I heard Greg come inside and then he said "NIALL!!! We have company, and in fact they are two very nice ladies" Abby found this amusing. As Greg was yelling at me I got up and went straight over to him and stuffed my face right there. but this was before I realized that there was someone standing behind Abby looking really shy. She was beautiful, Shoulder length brown hair, Green/Blue eyes, and she had a really nice smile although it was a shy smile, it was cute. "Hey Abby. Hello love! Whats your name?" I asked looking at the other girl. "I uh... I'm... I... My name is Madison, I'm Abby's sister. You must be Niall." She said with a half smile and stuck her hand out to shake. I just laughed and pulled her in for a hug, I noticed Greg and Abby leave, probably going to watch that stupid video camera they set up, I watched them do it while I was outside swimming. I heard Madison gasp and laughed to myself, the hug lasted for about 15 seconds. I pulled away and asked "Want some chips?"  I never share food with anyone unless they're special, I had a feeling something was going to happen between us :D

(Greg and Abby's POV)

After Niall hugged her we were alrready half way up the stairs going to watch the camera. Greg looked astonished. "HE SHARED HIS FOOD! He never shares his food with anyone. a n y o n e. HE LIKES HER" Greg whisper yelled.


A/N Please tell me if you guys like this :)

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