Fresh Start for me.

Madison was supposed to go shopping afterschool... that is until her friend Amber forgets about her in the school parking lot. So that means she has to go with her sister Abby to go study at Abby's friend's house. Little does she know this was all planned... Not the Amber leaving her at school though, just the going to abby's friend's. Abby's friends name is Greg. His little brother is Niall. What will happen when they meet?
This movella is from the beginning, from like before the Xfactor audition, but as the chapters move on he goes to the audition.


14. Tour, tour, tour!

(Harry's POV)

Damn! My head still hurt after nearly knocking myself and Madison out trying to scare her. She had a big bruise on her forehead and I had a small bump (see what I did there :P) on my head, We also had to lave today. For the tour. Turns out... well Danielle is'nt coming, Her and Liam broke it off. And as for Lou and El we have'nt seen El in like 3 weeks, she said she's busy. Whenever Lou calls her she's busy, but the other day just to see, Lou called her to see if she wanted to go get coffee and she said she was busy, so then just as a little fun I called her right after and she was all like "I'd love to! Starbucks?" then I asked her if she was busy and all she said was "Nope! I'm at home  being bored." So Lou called it off with her. So now It was me and the boys and Madison going. Perrie might come if she ends her tour early enough. It sucks that Madison was going to be alone, with no girls, to hang out with... *sigh* this is all so confusing.. "HARRY! THE LIMO IS HERE! HURRY UP. YOUR TAKING LONGER THAN ME. LIKE OMG." I heard Madison yell at me. I just laughed, she sounded like a school girl when she was yelling all that, She always knows how to cheer all of us up "FINE! IM COMING!" That sounded extremly sexual considering I just yelled it... anyways. I better go load up.

(Niall's POV)

We got in the limo and I packed everyones stuff up and went to get in to find Lou on the left of Madison and Harry on the right. They looked like they were happy so I left them and grabbed a seat by the window and stared out of it for a while, like 2 hours before Zayn talked to me. I looked over and Madison was sleeping on Lou's shoulder and he was on twitter I assume, Harry's head was laying on Madison sleeping. "Mate? Are you alright? You seemed kinda down." "Yeah... It's just.. I dunno man, You know how it is to have a girlfriend. And I get jelous real easy, Especially with that one around my girl." I said pointing to Harry "I know how you feel mate. I got jelous real easy when Perrie was around him too, but he did'nt do anything, and as far as Harry has told me he only likes Madison as a younger sister, thats how all of us see her, except you of course." "Thanks Mate. that put me in a better mood" But I was really hungry. "Can we stop to eat?' I asked the driver "Yep. Nandos right there." I just chuckled and asked Lou to wake Madison and Harry up. when Madison was up she  looked at me "Nialler? Why'd you wake me up? I was having a good dream. " "Yeah, about me! And were going to eat somethin. I'm STARVING!" She just laughed and climbed over the boys so she was sitting on me "We ate two hours ago babe. I swear you're a bottomless pit.  But now that yo uention It im kinda hungry too.." She kissed my cheek and got out. "LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!" I got out and ran past her, seeing how fast of a runner I am, and I heard her right behind me so I stopped short and bent down thinking she would trip, but to my surprise she just jumped over me and continued running inside, I just walked in after her as all the boys raced passed me except Liam. I sat down beside Madison "What was that track star?" She raised her eyebrow "Trackk Star eh? It was on instinct. Either I trip or I jump, I thought jump would be a reasonable option since you were already bent down a little. We ate and then we got back in the car, This time Zayn got the window, Liam was beside Zayn, Harry beside Lou, Lou was on the left of Madison and I was on the right. I had my arm around her and she was leaning on my shoulder, when all of a sudden Lou was yelling "cow... cow.... cow..... cow...... cow..... HORSIE!! GUISE LOOK IT'S A HORSIE! HE'S EATING A CARROT!! ERMAGEHRD!!! Oh too bad for you guys you missed it." Liam, Zayn, and Harry were still sleeping surprisingly. I laughed and Madison turned to me. "Was something wrong before? I seen you sitting over there looking out the window, and you looked kind of... down." Aww she noticed. :) "I was just jelous that Haz was sitting with you instead of me, but now I'm good, babe" I told her and I heard snoring and Lou had fallen asleep too. She sat up a little and kissed my cheek, as I unbuckled her seatbelt I brought her into my lap, These chairs were like pull out beds. You could almost fit perfectly if you were laying up and down so if you were sideways you would have plenty of room, so I layed her down and I layed next to her, she snuggled closer and leaned her head on my chest, "I'm gonna sleep for a bit love." I told her, but she was already asleep. Did she get any sleep last night?! I just sighed and layed my head back and fell asleep with my arms around The girl who I loved. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Now we await the drive to the airport which is about 12 hours from here.


HELLO LOVES! I hope you are all enjoying the book! Tell me if you are! I still got one comment which is great! And I thank all 73 of you who have read my book so far! THANK YOU MY LOVELIES!!!

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