Fresh Start for me.

Madison was supposed to go shopping afterschool... that is until her friend Amber forgets about her in the school parking lot. So that means she has to go with her sister Abby to go study at Abby's friend's house. Little does she know this was all planned... Not the Amber leaving her at school though, just the going to abby's friend's. Abby's friends name is Greg. His little brother is Niall. What will happen when they meet?
This movella is from the beginning, from like before the Xfactor audition, but as the chapters move on he goes to the audition.


18. That was'nt the end. :3

(Madison's POV)

I woke up.... again. So when the alarm went off I was'nt dreaming? ugh. I'm so confused. I went to roll over and found someone laying in my bed. I screamed and fell off the bed. He stood up"WHAT HAPPENED" it was just Niall. THANK GOD!!!! We did'nt crash and that was'nt a dream. Phew!. I got up and hugged him really tight. "Uhh... madison? Are you feeling okay?" He asked me "Yes! I had the worst dream. It must have just been a flashback, a very long one. I thought that our whole life so far was a dream and then we almost crashed in the dream then I woke up in another dream and then I just woke up for real.. and you scared the shit outta me." he just laughed at me. "You still amaze me babe."  I just smiled and ran downstairs forgetting the boys were all here until I got downstairs they were all sleeping on one couch so I decided to go bear hug them  all. "HEEEYYYY BOYYYYSSSS!!!!!" They all woke up very quickly. "MADISON! What the hell! I was sleeping." I rolled my eyes. "Well obviously thats why I woke you up Mr. Styles. Its 3:00. GET UP" I was just going to walk out then when I turned around I bumped into someone. "OOOOOPPPPPPSSSS SORRRRRYY!" I looked up and Niall gave me a piggyback ride to the kitchen. "NOOOOO. I don't wanna make anything. Lets go to Nandos instead." I  whined "But were not dressed..?" Niall asked. "AAANNNNNNNDDDD? C'mon Boys! Were going to Nandos!" After hearing a chorus of Yes! and COOL!'s We left. I grabbed my purse and  couldnt help but notice that all the boys left their cellphones on the table. I grabbed all 5 and shoved them in my purse along with their raybans and a beanie for Harry. About halfway there I heard Zayn yell "I FORGOT MY TELEMAPHONE!!!" "So did I.." "DAMNIT!" and then Liam "SHIT!" We all looked at him and he just stared at us "WHAAATTTTT??? I can swear if I want to..." He said and looked away we all just laugh. We got to Nandos and The boys were about to get out "NU UH UH. NoT SO FAST" I locked all the doors"Here Harry." I said and handed him his beanie, phone and raybans. "Lou." I handed Lou his phone and glasses, and suspenders "Zayn" I handed him his phone, glasses and a mirror "Daddy Direction, Here you go." I gave him his phone raybans and a fork. "Incase they dont have forks I brought you one."  "THANK YOU MADISON!" Liam yelled. all the boys were on twitter already so I gave Niall his phone and raybans. "thanks babe. Your a lifesaver." Niall said and kissed me. "Shit! Since I was nice enough to grab you guys your stuff I forgot my phone!" "YOU CAN USE MINE!" All the boys said at once. I laughed and went to get out when I remembered I locked the doors. I unlocked them "Okay little ones! Go find a table!" I yelled and they all ran except for Niall and Liam. Niall was holding my hand and Liam just did'nt wanna run. We got inside and seen Harry and Lou fighting about something I walked up to them I put a hand on both of their shoulders. "I don't wanna know what this is about but I DO want you to hug it out." I said and they hugged and we all sat down and ordered. Niall had one piece of bacon left and he was just going to grab it but then i took it. He looked at me. He glared but then he started to tickle me. "IF I CHOKE AND DIE IT IS YOUR FAULT!" I said and he stopped. We went shooping, Yes still in our pjs. Then we went back to the house and went swimming. It was a great day.

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